Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris in the Springtime...

Today I was actually inspired by my old Barbie calender and there was a sketch in there that I loved. Then again, I love every Barbie sketch. Barbie is kind of my idol. Anyway, cheers go to my favorite gal Barbie!

*costume earrings (used), black CAbi vest (consignment), striped Stop Staring! dress, red bow belt, and black Miss Bisou pumps (consignment).

Monday, April 16, 2012

By the way, my title goes to my dad... for he suggested it. Haha. I was officially notified on Facebook by Long Tall Sally (one of my favorite tall brands) that it is officially Stand Tall Week. Yay for me! So if you know someone tall, give them a hug. (:

*100% cashmere sweater w/ gold bobbles (consignment), black BP tank, black CAbi leggings, and gold sparkly J. Crew loafers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bright Side..

Oh the wonders of spring. The happiness of looking outside and seeing water drip from the roof (and it not being rain), and seeing grass peek up under the snow... glorious. Plus, it's the time of year to start bringing out the bright colors (not that you can't wear them in winter!).

*vintage multi-strand necklace, yellow cashmere J.Crew top (consignment), blue J.Crew high-waisted skirt (consignment), and white AE flats.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Safari Girl..

If I were to go on a safari, this is something I'd wear. Although I'd probably roast, it's still nice to dream, yes?

*vintage hat (used), brown lace CAbi top (consignment), brown belt, white Eddie Bauer pants (consignment), and brown Michael Kors flats (consignment).

Good way to start the week...

* vintage owl necklace (used), vintage double-stranded necklace (used), CAbi jacket, cream See Thru Soul top, black Merona shorts (consignment), black Capezio tights, chunky socks, and COACH wedges.