Monday, October 31, 2016

An American in Paris.

Gay Paris, we meet again. After my visit in Paris a few years ago, I thought I would never again visit this magnificent city, but turns out, when you live in Europe, things are fairly close together and even easier to visit than in the states.

Especially so when you're given nearly a three week break in October to travel and get taken around this fashion capital by tutors who know all the ins and outs of Paris, with a particular focus on fashion.

I've been to Paris once before, but as with traveling, one's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things- henry miller. Since living in London, I've had the pleasure of opening my mind to new experiences and new ways of life, and the same applied when I once more stepped onto the cobblestoned streets of Paris. Because sometimes it's time to get away from it all and experience things in a completely different way- kim mance.

Forgive all the quotes, they've been filling my pages of my travel journal and I have to say, seeing them in there as I recall my days really focus my attention on the fact that travelling really opens you up and gives you perspective on life. It brings you out of your comfortable bubble and delving into another country's culture and learning the unknown is tantalizing.

This trip was particularly remarkable because we didn't necessarily take all of the regular tourist routes (did that on my trip here a few years back), but instead went through the backstreets and had a more personal and authentic viewing of this romantic and captivating city. Plus, my "souvenirs" mostly consisted of many a baguette and lots of memories. And a dress, and Hyde, whom you'll meet below.

Needless to say, the trip was absolutely splendid and it was the loveliest getaway.

Angelina's, located on Rue de Rivoli, has the most delicious hot chocolate and pastries. It also happened to be a frequent stop for the fabulous Cocoa Chanel...

On a budget, Siobhan and I gorged ourselves with quite a few baguettes and cheese, with the complimentary wine.

The Marche Bastille is tasty as well, located between tree lined sidewalks with the Bastille statue just ahead.

Like my BAGuette?

Cheese tasting is also a must, in one of the many gardens and parks that Paris provides.

Also, the fall colors provide a most beautiful contrast against Paris's intricate and romantic architecture.

One of my favorite treats of the trip was visiting the old haunts of Chanel. Rich with history and walking her footsteps does something special to a girl who became interested in fashion back in the fifth grade, when she portrayed her in a wax museum. Her rebelliousness, independence, and disregard to the status quo completely speaks volumes to me and inspires me every day to pursue what makes my heart sing.

Her home: 21 Rue Cambon.

Plus, we couldn't resist a little something something. If you ever fancy something at Chanel but can't afford the handbags (like moi), ask for a compact!

The next morning began with a trip to the store Merci. Siobhan and I couldn't even get past the car parked out front!

Parks and more parks. We walked through this lovely floral one on the way to the Champs Elysees.

We splurged at Lauduree and had ourselves a "light" lunch.

Champs on the Champs!

The place of pleasure, in all of its coffee cream goodness.

Saving the best for last was the day spent with my Alaskan friend, Caroline. After meeting at the metro (so very French), she took me to a quiet part of town for breakfast. Because there was a queue to wait in, we grabbed pastries at Don Antonia Pastelaria and enjoyed catching up by the nearby canal.

Brunch was at this bomb Australian place called holybelly. And holy did it fill my belly. I had the savory stack, which included pancakes, bacon, eggs, and mushrooms all in one. Sweet and savory. And if you go on the weekend, your coffees are made by one of Paris's best baristas. Well worth it!

Anyhow, the day ended with wine and wine gummies in the Luxembourg Park where we enjoyed each other's company, the goodies, and the surrounding Parisians.

This is one to remember!