Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's my Party.. The big 18.

So it has come to that point in my time of life when I go from a child to an official adult. Long goes the junior discount and in come the right to vote and go to jail classified as one. I, however, do not think of eighteen as a scary time because I feel just the same as I did yesterday. Other than feeling special by all the bombarded attention. Seriously, I was so amazed today to see my locker all decked out with kind notes from long lost friends, and thoughtful presents.. I have friends!! And my parents delivered flowers to me and although my attire was once more rebuked for being out of dress code, it didn't even bother me because for me, today was about ME. And I enjoyed every minute of being with friends and family, no big party or bash needed. Just people who love me as much as I love them.

And yes, I worked. But hey, more tips for the birthday girl!

And although it rained, I welcomed it with open arms. 

Me and my best friend posing with my freshly delivered flowers. 

My sister surprised me today with her kind and thoughtful gifts. 

Caramel macchiato, but of course!

What I wore: MILLY polka dot silk top (used), VINCE pleated black skirt, and black TOMS. 


My brother rocks!

And so do my mom and dad!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brave Face On.

So I had a slightly rough morning today. I know it's only the second week of school and everything, but I already loathe it. My classes are boring as all get out and there's so much of this fake judgy atmosphere that it could fog my car. I can't stand being there. And although I have some friends who are by my side, it still doesn't make being at that monster of a high school completely bearable. It was one of those mornings where I absolutely DID NOT want to go to school and I probably could've skipped had it been sophomore year when skipping was a common habit, but not this year. It's only the second week and I've checked out. I'm also struggling with some slight homesickness of AZ and every time I hear a song that reminds me of my time there, I get sad. And I shut people out and retreat to my room and suffer alone without talking to someone. I thought I had gotten over this phase, but being back at school has surfaced all these feelings again. So there were tears and eye clenching ( and not pretty like Lea Michele does on GLEE) and heaves of gut wrenching sadness and depression. But you know, people read these feelings just by my walk down the hall and my swollen eyes and instead of suffering the whole day which I would've preferred, I had to put on a brave face and move on. I had a talk with my mom, and I'm going to try reaching out to my friends and family like my fellow AZ friends did to me when I was feeling sad. It's time to take those memories that make me sad and turn them into gleeful memories. I should be grateful that they happened instead of never getting to experience them. Overall, my new mantra is Imagine Dragons's IT'S TIME. 

What I wore: cream pearl dangly earrings (birthday gift from my favorite sister), a vintage floral tip (used), red J CREW shorts, and COLE HAAN men's loafers (used). 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twisting Things Around.

As my title would prove, my outfit today had a bit of a literal twist to it. Now I don't know if the cardigan was made for it, but I thought it looked cool, so I turned it around and literally wore it backwards. Hehe. And it was so great, I was walking out of a lunch spot with one of my friends and I commented "this hurts" (meaning the tag rubbing against my neck), and a random creeper in the background said "well it looks good". We were cracking up! And at school, I was bombarded with compliments and it just shocked me that so many people thought that of my attire. It really makes one feel good and it inspires me to do more outrageous and creative outfits. It fuels the fire. Even a guy "coughed" and went "high fashion. " Oh goodness. Overall, turns out that twisting a little of ones personal style really makes an outfit unique.

What I wore: CAbi black wrap cardigan, lime green TASHA collar, colorful patched LIZ CLAIBORNE skirt (used), and line green pointy toed pumps (used). 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rebel with a Cause.

I know its only been the start of the second week of school, but already, I feel that my attitude this year at school is slightly rebellious. Now I'm not turning into an evil child and doing the nasty with a guy that I don't know ( or do know), and slacking on homework ( actually, I would say that the teachers are slacking because I've only had to do two assignments thus far), but I feel like.. A rebel. When I walk the halls, I have this confidence that oozes from my tan limbs and escalates as I strut pass the crowded halls. I simply don't care what people think of me at this point. I had the guts to talk to a cute Italian (he was quite unresponsive to my attempts at conversation, but at least I tried. And this is an accomplishment for me because I am horribly bad at talking to cute guys, but am slowly getting better), and then I went and plopped a seat on the senior bench with the so called "popular" guys and expressed: "Mind if I sit here? Never sat here before.. Not that special.. Nice chatting, bye. " Where did that even come from? I mean, I'm sure the red lips boosted my confidence a little and then the Fro hair again too. Over all, I went for a vintage grunge rocker look today. Quite.. Rebellious. 

What I wore: WORD OF MOUTH "Imagination is greater than knowledge" tank (TJ Maxx), denim MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD shorts (Value Village), assorted bracelets, COACH white sunnies, and black TOMS.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Song for Sunday- Beautiful

So I thought it would be a most clever idea to share one of my favorite tunes every Sunday. I am really into the art and mystique of music and so I thought I could share some of my newfound or all time favorite songs of the moment and why they are special to me. Today, I'm gonna do a three for one, and although they aren't my all time favorites, they're special to me in some way or another. It's BEAUTIFUL. How many songs are titled that? Quite a few actually. The three I'm talking about are by Christina  Aguilera, Akon, and Carly Rae Jepsen feat Justin Bieber. I love these songs because in all honesty, they make me feel special, and honestly, beautiful, like their titles. I think it's so incredibly vital to have songs like this on ones musical playlist because it is so important to love oneself. In a society like today, with our role models being skinny and fake, and then being dubbed "perfect", we need to have jams to listen to to reassure us that each one of us is beautiful in our own way. Whenever I'm feeling down or just want some jams to match my feeling of beauty, I put these guys on and the I feel beautiful. And it's okay if music is the only way one feels beautiful about oneself. At least one feels the power of beauty. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dapple of Sun.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise. It is sunny today. Booyah! It was perfect for me because I had to open at my work today and so I had the sun in my eyes keeping me awake, as well as the coffee surrounding me. It actually hit seventy and for late August weather here, that's pretty good I would say. Oh, and I finally just bought the whole 1D Take Me Home Yearbook Edition album on iTunes because let's face it, I am a serious British fan. Not gonna beat around the bush here. I'm not a "fan girl" which I think I clarified in a past post, but I do enjoy having a mini adoration, internally. Ok, sometimes I show it, like when I sang "What Makes You Beautiful" out loud the other night in my room at the top of my lungs, and imagine being the girl whom "Little Things" is being sung to, or "borrowing" the Glamour edition with 1D on the cover. Like I said, most are personal, and they're little things. Haha. I like 1D. I said it, okay? And I'm not obsessive and creepy, I just enjoy their music and the fact that they're good looking, funny, and British help as well. ANYWAY. Today was a sunny day.. How did I get on such a tangent? 

What I wore: vintage multi strand sage necklace (used), navy JUST GINGER top (used), flor AERIE pants, and sparkly TOMS. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Jazz Lounge.

So a couple months ago, one of my very good friends that it would be a snazzy idea to have a jazz lounge- an evening of jazz entertainment. So I auditioned, got in, and had one of the most fun nights ever! Although a lot of people didn't show up, each of us performed our best and I had such a lovely time with all of the other performers. Personally, I sang "Ain't     Misbehavin'" by Louis Armstrong but my version was the Carmen McRae one. I got up there and channeled inner Marilyn Monroe like when she sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. President. The crowd loved it and someone told me that I was mesmerizing. Ok, I prolly wasn't that captivating, but I appreciated the compliment. Well, maybe I am and I should consider a new career.. Anyhow! Ha. I was super proud of my friend for putting on such a successful evening of entertainment and since I won't be in AZ this year for it, this is a shout out to her amazing job at putting on a memorable show. 

The lovely performers onstage where all the excitement happened..

Me and my host who put on such a great night, and one of my next friends..

What I wore: black sports headband, MILLY polka dot silk top (used), and black pleated VINCE skirt. 

Keeping it Bright.

So some people may think that because it is rainy outside and the sky is gray that one should wear neutral colors to match. I however, think that is bogus. Personally, I much prefer to keep things light and bright. I mean, we already live isolated and up north so why keep the outfit depressive? Yes, I did get some more weird looks as I walked down the halls (I refuse to let them bother me and bring me down), but I feel like id it didn't brighten other people's day, it sure brightened mine at least. 

What I wore: assorted necklaces, a floral CAbi dress (used), plum socks, and sand combat boots (worn in a fashion show). 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rainy blues.

I was more than excited this morning to wake to the pitter patter of rain on my window. Man how I've missed the feeling of subtle drops of fresh water on my skin. It's so refreshing and boy have I missed it so! So I don't know if anyone else does this, or if its just my personal hype up, but I prefer to pick my outfits the night before I wear them. Now I know there's always weather changes and other things that sprout up and require some adjustments, but I like doing it the night before because I can put on some tunes, get in a mood, and that's where my outfit ideas stem from! That being said, I had shorts on the list today and so that's what I showed up in at school today. Well, I guess I forgot that this is AK and not AZ because I didn't even get to my locker before being asked to change. Now I've had a long history of dress code rule breaking and most of it had to do with the fact that my idea of dress code differed from others. This however, is due to the fact that EVERYTHING looks shorter on me. And they were high waisted so they looked even shorter, but I am just done with all this getting in trouble for dress code rule breaking. So I thankfully brought a pair of pants ( thank you Mom), and I simply changed back into my shorts when I left school. Ha!

What I wore: vintage baby blue multiple strand necklace (used), blue striped J CREW tee (used), high waisted LEVI'S (used and from Paris), and cream men's SPERRY TOPSIDERS (used). 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of my Last Year.

Officially it is the first day of my senior year. Taking a year abroad down in Arizona, it felt like I was in a freshman all over again, yet grown up. Although I felt like the new student in a sea of people who recognized me yet didn't bother to say hello, I am forever grateful to have the memories of my incredible year down under. It gives me confidence just knowing that I had what these people will never get to experience. And they can judge me all they want in their North Face hoodies and yoga pants, but their silent insults will never effect me. In some ways, I'm glad to be back. I have some friends who hugged me, one who moved to have a locker by me, and I have this experience in my heart, forever making me smile at the memory of it. If its my first day of my last year, mind as well make it count. 

What I wore: black leather MAXIMA vest (used), vintage burgundy leather ESCADA skirt (used), assortment of vintage gold bracelets (used), and gold sparkly J CREW loafers. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday- La Vie en Rose.

It's true, I'm back from gay old Paris! And what a treasure that has been. It was my first time in Europe and although there were some mishaps (unfortunate pickpockets, lack of bathrooms, and ginormous crowds), the whole experience was extraordinary. Finally being able to see the true Eiffel Tower with my own true eyes is unbelievable. And walking along the Seine and seeing stylish couples having picnics along the water is like waking from a dream and realizing that the dream was real. And everyone is so accepting there! Although I wasn't completely down with the idea of nudes on the beach, I loved how one could get away with wearing anything one wanted- no judgements. It inspired me and so I'll share some of my outfits that I wore in one of the most stylish cities on earth!!

Walking the streets of Frejus.. A tiny town  on the French Riviera. 

What I wore: pale pink AERIE sunglasses, TOMMY HILFIGER bike top (used), high waisted vintage LEVI shorts (used), and red vintage flower necklace (used). 

Posing in a side alleyway whilst shopping at the local beachside market. 

What I wore: pink and white J CREW bathing suit, and a white lace floral skirt from FRANCESCA'S (used). 

Displaying my splattered self in one of the old abbeys. 

What I wore: denim AERIE crop top (used), pink HM pleated skirt (used), and seashell earrings. 

The Eiffel Tower.. Need I say more?

What I wore: blue NORDSTROM BP sunnies, a blue top, pink JESSICA SIMPSON skinnes, and a vintage blue necklace (used). 

My sister and I exploring the town of Paris..

What I wore: a purple FREYA bra, a denim tank (Goodwill), a TALBOTS pleated silver skirt (used), and assorted necklaces. 

Posing along the Seine on the way back from the Opera. 

What I wore: assorted necklaces, a tank from a flea market in Frejus, a blue CHLOE coat, locomotive AMERICAN APPAREL pants, and white vintage lace gloves (used). 

Paris.. The city of love. And palmiees. 

What I wore: TRACY REESE striped dress (used), and a red bow belt. 

And just on the other side.. Notre Dame!

What I wore: white top (used), VS blue bra (used), assorted necklaces, and a blue pleated vintage skirt (used). 

A paddleboat photo at the Estate of Versailles. 

What I wore: explosive gold spike earrings from NORDSTROM RACK, and a floral vintage top (used). 

My sister and I all gussied up for Moulin Rouge. 

What I wore: my moms vintage black dress (used) and gold GUESS heels. 

Taking a coffee break from the Louvre. 

What I wore: white top (used), studded necklace (used), and J CRE top (used).