Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vacation Spot- San Francisco, CA (Day 7)

Good morning, San Francisco.

Mum and I began our San Fran morning with coffee at Starbs (we needed something quick) before heading over to the FIDM campus located right there in Union Square. Seeing how it is the main reason for our road trip, I want to talk a bit about it. 

So later this year, starting my fall quarter for year two, I get the option of either attending FIDM at the Los Angeles campus, or the San Francisco campus. Normally, most students don't think twice and just hop on board the LA bus, but me, wanting to be different and questioning the norm, decided to give San Fran a fair chance.

Even though this is only my second day in the city, I absolutely love it. I do. And I think this may be my new home for later this year! Only problem is- housing expenses. As you can imagine, it's quite expensive to live here, but that just means that I have to do some research because there are plenty of other options.

That being said, the FIDM campus here in SF was a positive affirmation for me to attend school here later this year!

Smiles all around.

We then chose to explore the city some more, catch the vibe.

...And partake in some shopping, which we did. 

The first store we popped into was this darling consignment store called "The Designer Consigner." Mom actually scored the most in here, but I also walked out with a couple goodies! A new Kate Spade wallet, some Frye boots, a Zara top..

I didn't even attempt to try on one of these babies. Still ringing in at over $700 for a sweater, I knew that if I tried one on, it would fit, and then I would be left with a massive problem!

Lunch this fine afternoon was at the fancy Sir Francis Drake Hotel. 

As you can tell, I very much enjoyed the royal decor. 

Mum and I began with your classic bread and oil. Mom makes the face of an apprehensive eater, for we've consumed quite a load of bread here the last couple of days!

Carbs- good for the soul, I say.

Split salade- your classic ceasar with anchovies for a little extra something.

I then dabbled into the lemonade area of interest and happily drank a strawberry basil lemonade that was to die for.

Our main course this afternoon was an explosion of color and an explosion of taste. I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoy fine dining. 

Below, we have ricotta gnocchi with asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, hen of the woods mushrooms, roasted thumbelina carrots, and nettle pesto.


And since we had so much success for the first two courses, we sprung for some dessert.

Below, we split a divine caramel mousse cake with candied kumquats, frosted tarragon, and lime sauce. 


With tummies happily full, Mom and I then went on a hunt for this designer vintage shop we found online called "Torso." 

What an absolute treasure. When we entered their doors, we had literally stepped back in time to a museum worthy collection of exquisite vintage designer pieces. With everything from 1920's wedding gowns, to 1970's silk jumpsuits, from Courreges to Chanel, the shop had the most divine and priceless collection of vintage designer that I have ever had the experience of looking through.

As you can imagine, I tried on a loadful of incredible one of a kind vintage pieces, all the while drooling at the case fulls of jewelry and Schiaparelli boxes lining the walls. 

I came out with one special something. This here below- a wicked fuchsia jacket and skirt set with a lime green interior. You'll see better pictures later!

What a treasure.

We were then on our way back to the hotel when I saw this Union Jack flag waving there in the distance. We walked closer, and as luck would have it, we stumbled into the most lovely Ted Baker store. 

I immediately picked out about half a dozen items to try on, for the store was about four times the size of the South Coast Plaza location in Irvine, and about 1000x more friendly. 

This was my favorite, but being a (poor) college student, I couldn't fork it over. Maybe someday!

Mom and I then headed back to the hotel, where we fell into a sleepy nap. All that walking and shopping can take a toll on ya!

When we woke, the wind was out and the hour was late and so we decided to simply go next store to this restaurant that we had been admiring day after day called Farallon Restaurant.

You can see why we took an instant liking, eh?

Mom and I had the most difficult time deciding what to eat for dinner because the menu was so extensive and everything sounded delicous, but we finally picked out our goods for the evening.

I tell you, there is something about menus with unknown ingredients and hard to pronounce names that gets me all excited.

This was a special starter that was brought out to us.. a certain mousse to get the palette prepared for the onslaught of taste bud explosion yet to come.

And wine. Always the wine.

This bread was actually the best. Fresh cooked that day, and spread with sea salt butter. Holy divinity, never knew bread could be so good. 

Salad starters was s simple organic mixed green salad with swanton strawberries, red spring onion, shelburne farm house cheddar crostini, and balsamic dressing. 

For the main dish- Grilled Cascade Mountain Arctic Char with green garlic soubise, applewood smoked bacon, dandelion greens, and hollandaise sauce.

Now at first, when we cut into it, we were unaware that it was traditionally prepared medium rare. Since we weren't told of this, we requested it to be cooked further and when it came back.. DIVINE.

And they were so kind! As we were waiting, we were brought these mini soup cups that warmed the soul inside and out. 

And as we were sitting there, we asked the waitress what the restaurant used to be, because to be honest, the architecture inside the dining area was incredible. 

Turns out, it used to be an Elks swimming pool (the third scoring nicest in the country) back in the early 1920's. Check out the similarities!

Finally, as we were browsing through the historical book, our final dessert came. 

Oh boy, this one was a Nutella cake. Food-gasm is basically what happened. 

Paired with a rich cappuccino and you've got yourself one happy girl.

I seriously felt that we were dining underwater in a grotto. It was hard to say goodbye!