Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heel High.

Today turned out to be a swell one.

Yesterday, I had been struggling with boredom. I'm talking naps to pass the time, multiple episodes of Mad Men and Justified, trying on all of my clothes, sitting on the counter top disappearing into The 1975, and contemplating what I could possibly do to pass the weekends by.

A job. Simple as that. Make some money, get some retail experience, and be out of the apartment and with people. So I put a word out there to a couple of possibilities, and then today, Jordan and I had some unexpected surprises.

So we're currently working on a Case Study for a particular company in our Merchandising Strategies class. Our job is to go into said store (Abercrombie&Fitch) and check out their store. I was feeling particularly confident today and wore my six inch heels, as well as getting Jordan to do the same. There were heads-a-turnin' in the mall, let me tell you!

Anyhow, we weren't two minutes into our browsing, when we were approached by the saleslady asking if we were interested in a possible job. Completely out of the blue, but we were more than happy to hear what she had to say. We got her contact info and were told we would be contacted in the next few days about a possible job, and looking at the card she gave us, it said something about working your way up the Abercrombie ladder and possibly becoming one of their models. Whoa! A chance to be in a job, and to possibly model? Jordan and I were giddy beyond belief.

With our spirits lifted, we got coffees, and continued to walk round the plaza. I made a stop into my favorite store, Ted Baker, asked about possible hiring there, and got good feedback to bring in a resume. Things were really perking up!

I'm telling you: heels boosted my confidence. Going from 6ft2" to 6ft8" really made me positively empowered. I felt confident and strong, and I don't understand why I don't wear heels every day!

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes
and she can conquer the world.."

Model material right there!

Sun came out and shades went on!

Yes, the temperature is quite nice up here, thanks for asking. 

What I wore: LIA SOPHIA chandelier necklace (used), black CAbi wrap top, high waisted polka dotted SUGARHILL shorts (used), black cutout socks, and nude STEVE MADDEN pumps (used). 

Speaking of shoes, I am currently obsessed with everything Charlotte Olympia.. 

ESPECIALLY the cat shoes.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Denim Focus Group @ PacSun.

Anyone lucky to be in the Merchandising Strategies class on Wednesday's at 9:30am, would have gotten a lovely email from the teacher inviting us to attend a denim focus group at the Californian clothing retailer- PACSUN. 

15 points extra credit and the possibility of a gift card and you had Whitney, Jordan, and I in the car in the wee hours of the morning!

It was a wonderful experience, let me tell you. Pulling up to the Pacific Sunwear headquarters in Anaheim, we were intimidated, but more excited than anything to be able to enter and do some work in such a place. After everyone had arrived and gotten name tags, we were lead up two flights of stairs to where the work was happening. All around us were mash ups of creativity: you had sketches of men's tee shirts next to inspiration boards, next to Californian looking head of womenswear bent over sketches or working on computers. It was awesome!

We were led into the denim room, and after dabbling into the complimentary donuts and coffee (like how wicked is that as enticement?), we were split into three different groups.

The first one involved looking at models in various pairs of PacSun jeans. We were given a packed of all the styles offered, as well as colors, and our job was to make notes, answer questions, and basically critique what we did, or didn't like about each pair that came out. I myself made a lot of notes about the destroyed look.. I guess that's coming back in the fall, so be on the lookout!

Our next group was a discussion panel. We all sat in a circle on denim beanbags (how chill is that), and answered various questions: Favorite form of social media? Favorite item in your closet? Favorite brand of jeans? Favorite fit of jeans? Who is your celebrity style icon? I answered as best I could, however, I don't think my answers were of any help, for I'm a way different fit when it comes to jeans! For instance, I have to shop tall, I'm not into trends, I don't have a celebrity icon, and I don't really use social medias. But there has to be other people out there like me! And it's not like I'm gonna lie to these people.. they need the honesty.

Anyhow, last session was another one similar to the first- we were given packets and taken around the room to look at denim, but in more depth. Colors, details, texture, that sort of stuff.

Overall, the experience was amazing. It felt so neat to be a part of the creative process, and we got a gift card as thanks. I would have been happy with the donuts and coffee! But truly, the experience itself was enough. 

Didn't get too many pictures.. Sorry!

Doing some light reading.. you know, to get the know about the company..

What a day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Song for Sunday- Earned It.

So in case you haven't been bombarded with a thousand billboards and tv commercials for the Valentines special of 50 Shades of Grey, then I should have you know that 50 Shades of Grey is coming out on Valentines!

Now I myself have never read the book. Can't say I ever will, but who knows. All I know is that there is a lot of sex in it. That being said, it's no wonder to hear that some of the songs on the score of the movie should be... sexy.

And that brings me to The Weekend's Earned It. 

I love it. I really really do. By one of the best R&B voices of the modern era, this song drips sensuality and sex appeal and steamy heat. It's altogether wicked, and it goes along perfectly with the book, a true "perfect pair." It starts off slow and seductive and is true genius to how perfectly it goes along with the vibe of 50 Shades of Grey. 

And the music video.. pretty steamy..

"You make it look like it's magic
Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you
I'm never confused 
Hey, hey..

..Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it
'Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it.."

Lounging in LA.

Today, Whitney, Jordan, and myself, took a trip down to LA.

Man, I say that and yet I never tire of the phrase. Now Los Angeles is certainly not where I want to live, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy visiting it!

LA is quite a place. You know, you're driving along and one minute, it's Beverly Hills's finest, and the next, you're in Sketchville. But I find it fascinating. There's a certain vibe to it that one cannot find anywhere else. LA is it's own kind of city, and it's not one hour away!

Anyhow, we first took a dip into the highest of the highs, as far as shopping goes- Rodeo Drive. I myself had never been there and if I should sum it up in three words: lavish, Californian, and expensive.

Aside from designer shops lining every street (some of my new faves being Charlotte Olympia and the luxurious Sugarfina sweet shoppe), there were loads of high-end cars, like Lambo's, Rolls Royce's, Ferrari's, you name it. Can't imagine what the net value of Rodeo Drive and all it's accoutrements cost!

Anyhow, we also played fangirl's and visited the very own American Horror Story MURDER HOUSE. It looks just as wicked as in the show, if not a little creepier with all the keep out and stay away signs!

We also dabbled into the shopping area of the "Grove" where the only thing I came out with was some fresh blueberries. Some shopping days are better than others! But what a fun one to spend with friends.

Road trip!

Paparazzi got me and my girl Jordan whilst getting into the Lambo..

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earrings and belt (used), black CARMEN dress (used), coral KATE SPADE bag (gift), and black RALPH LAUREN flats (used).