Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elan in Emon.

Today was a good day.

I had a presentation in my 20th Century Designers class on Louis Vuitton and let me just tell you: nothing could make me happier in the world than to learn about iconic designers in fashion, let alone teaching these some of these designers to the class. I even had a coffee on the table waiting for me! Can you imagine.

Anyhoo, I dressed up quite reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent (considering we learned about him last week) with an androgynous bow tie and all, and was set to go. School is simply fabulous. I even went to talk to someone from the LA campus about a possible travel abroad opportunity. Who knows what the future may hold?

What I wore: black handmade bow tie (used), and white Emon perfume bottle blouse (Goodwill). 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Song for Sunday- The Walk & Changing of the Seasons.

Ok, so I have been listening to Songza's "Pop Kiss-Offs" for the past couple of weeks and I am just loving it. It's basically a breakup playlist, playing everything form Taylor Swift to Lily Allen, to Maroon 5, to Amy Winehouse. Instead of the sappy sort, it's an upbeat moving on sort of playlist, full of songs to pump you up and get those sad thoughts and turn them round into a whatever moving on kind of attitude.

Now, I haven't recently broken up with anyone; in fact, I've never had the chance to meet someone and break up, but that doesn't mean that I can't listen to breakup songs! This playlist especially is full of empowering self-boosters, and I am all about that.

So, the first on the list for today is sung by Mayer Hawthorne featuring the Rizzle Kicks, The Walk. 

Oh it is just perfect. It's got a good beat, that sweet rapping done by the Rizzle Kicks, and then the jazzy chorus of Mayer Hawthorne.

It makes me want to walk the walk. Seriously. It's just such an upbeat get out of my life sort of song.

"...Baby,, what you're dong now you're pissin' me off
Uhh but your hair is so luxurious and your lips are so soft uuh
Anyway you slice it uh, you're doing me wrong
But I love the way you walk now and your legs are so long.

Well your looks had me putty in your hand now
But I took just as much as I can stand now

And you can walk your long legs baby right out of my life
So long you did me wrong
Yeah you can walk your long legs baby right out of my life
So long you did me wrong..."

The second song of choice came from the same genius playlist and that would be Two Door Cinema Club's Changing of the Seasons. Now this one certainly isn't as rude as the last one (how would you describe The Walk? I'm thinking pushy or like manipulative, maybe?) 

This one hooks me right from the start. Catchy, pumping, uplifting and positive. And I think it's really unique how they tied in "changing of the seasons" with breaking up or moving on. Reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. 

I just love this one. 

"...And when you say you won't forget me
Well I can tell you that's untrue
'Cause every day since you left me
I've thought less and less of you

And I've worn out all the reasons
To keep on knocking at your door
Could be the changing of the seasons
But I don't love you anymore..."

A Song for Sunday- Close Your Eyes.

Meghan Trainor is probably my new favourite artist.

She is everything I love- her music is upbeat, quirky, feminine, positive, and dance able. So her new EP Title just came out and I am loving every minute of it. This particular song though, caught my eye. Or ear. Or maybe both??

Close Your Eyes is a slower song, but still upbeat. It's the perfect song for swaying to and imaginary singing to in front of the mirror, which we all need. Her voice is just really feminine and pretty, with this jazzy kind of lilt to it. Not to mention, the harmonies and "ba ba ba you're beautiful's" are perfect additions, and the message is positive and uplifting.

It's a message about believing in yourself and the beautiful person you are and I don't think there can ever be too many songs about that. With social medias and unrealistic body images thrown at us from every street corner, the persuasions that you're not beautiful are everywhere, and this song is the perfect encouragement for self-confidence. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, it's your belief in yourself that makes you beautiful. We don't need assurances from anyone else, just you.

"...So I want you to close your eyes
Sing to the world tonight
And show them what's beautiful
I don't care what they think
No, I'm not listening
'Cause I know I'm beautiful
So close your eyes

Everybody's born to be different
That's the one thing that makes us the same
So don't you let them words try to change you
Don't let them make you into something you ain't..." 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dancing in the Moonlight.

Want to know a secret?

I love to dance. 

Wait. That's not secret! I guess the secretive part of it is where I've been going to keep my dancing shoes brushed up. See, there's not really much space in the apartment for my continual jamming. There's the occasional empty apartment in which I lock all the doors and go all out for a short period of time, but you're talking to the girl who used to spend hours in either her room (fully equipped with a dozen mirrors) or outside unceremoniously dancing her arse off. Therefore, I have found my new dancing ground.

It's the tennis courts. I know. I know! But it's perfect. Now the few times I've gone thus far, seeing how this is a new revelation for me, the lights have been off and I have been able to just go all out in this court of freedom, without fear of anyone watching me (not that I'm shy when it comes people watching me dance, I'm NOT). 

It's fantastic. Truly the best dance floor. So quite literally, I've been dancing in the moonlight, or in this case here, by the streetlights (in which I hope they'll turn off). 

"...Dancing in the dark.."
- In the Dark

A couple (lot) of my fave and random dancing jams (although tonight's photos weren't necessarily danced to this type of music, if you couldn't tell):
"Fancy" (Iggy Azalea)
"Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)- Glee Cast
"Twist & Shout"- Studio 99
"Talk Diry/Bubblegum/Wiggle/Trumpets"- Jason Derulo
"Feelin' Myself"-
"Thunderstruck"- AC/DC
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"-Whitney Houston
"Dance With Me Tonight"- Olly Murs
"The Walk"-Mayer Hawthorne ft Rizzle Kicks
"Last Night"- The Vamps
"You & Me"- Disclosure (Flume Remix)
"Good Girls"- 5SOS
"Dancing in the Moonlight"- Toploader
"Girls"- The 1975
"Buy U A Drank"- T-Pain
"Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"- Journey
"They Don't Know About Us"- One Direction
"Be My Forever"- Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran

What I wore: vintage pearl earrings (used), floral cashmere NEIMAN MARCUS oriental top (used), black misc. belt, pink pleated H&M skirt (used), and tan 1920's style t-strap MIZ MOOZ pumps (used). 

Throwback Thursday- Fangirl For a Day.

It was just this last Sunday that I had one of the best days.

Totally unexpected, but things just kept coming and it turned out to be quite a memorable one. 

So in my recent days, I have slowly been edging away from social medias. This is in part due to the addiction one can get into when focusing so much of ones energy in an unrealistic cyber world. I'm the old fashioned gal who prefers things to the touch, and interaction via face than over a keyboard, like I'm doing now. Ha. This is an exception though! Anyhow, it was during one of my rare browses through my Twitter news feed that I saw that one of my new favorite groups, The Vamps, were in LA for a little show. So I got one of my roomies to join me, and away we went.

The drive went well- we talked a lot about Harry Styles because Haley (my roomie) plans on marrying him. 'twas quite entertaining! Anyhow, we soon came across parking and then the venue, the Lucky Strikes Hollywood bowling alley. Now since we were early, we had to wait, along with the two hundred plus other fans lining the street on Hollywood Boulevard. 

But that wasn't the memorable part. So I guess you could call Haley an expert in concert and celebrity stalking and so instead of going to the back of the line, Haley just casually jumped in the middle. Naturally I was freaking out, like, hello we were cutting all these people who had been waiting before us, and then we had a couple waiters actually come up and inquire as to see if we cut cause some of the line "were talking." I would've apologized and gotten out of line then and there, but Haley expertly told them we were were with the mom and daughter group in front of us. Luckily, they played along and we kept our places. Whew! We actually ended up switching phone numbers and making new friends with these guys. You should see this girl! She has loads of photos with 5SOS and I just don't know how this is such a successful, lucrative, and not to mention bizarre lifestyle! 

Anyhow, let's just say there was much waiting and observation. We bought our Meet the Vamps CD, then finally, were led indoors to get 'em signed! 

Gosh it went quick. Prolly under thirty seconds spent in front of these lads. We were herded in there like cattle and just as quickly as we went up, we were leaving, signed CD's in hand. It was lovely though, however short. I first approached Connor, then Tristan, then finally Brad (for James was out sick), and instead of ignoring the faculty around me and taking an illegal selfie (can you imagine how awkward that angle would be anyway?), I decided to make eye contact and say hello (much more appropriate, in my opinion).

We were then escorted up to the club area where the acoustic session took place. This was just a blast. There were maybe one hundred girls there, I was right up close with Haley, and was singing along to all of their catchy tunes (some of my new favourites being Last Night, Cecilia, and Girls on TV), admiring Brad's way with the crowd and their ability to actually sing well live. I had an absolute blast.

When that exciting event had passed, Haley and I took a drive through the beautiful and expensive area of the Beverly Hills. What a stunner up there! Now I can see where the LA area gets its appeal from, my word.

And to tie in the evening, I play the creeper. This was all Haley's idea, truly, and I mostly went along because of the prospect of fine dining (you know I can't resist me some of that). We ended up having the most exquisite meal at the Mondrian Hotel, also conveniently the same hotel in which 5SOS was staying at. But we didn't know that! Or did we? ;)

Anyhoo, we dined as slow as we could, you know, taking in the scenery and all that, but also keeping a lookout for these rocking Australian boys. Alas, we didn't see them, but that was probably for the better for I would've felt incredibly creepy like hey been waiting here for five hours so I could get a selfie with you.. yeah. See? Not my style. But I had fun playing a fangirl and experiencing the life of a hard core fan girl (and there are LOADS in the LA area, let me tell you). Would I do it again? Ehhh don't think so.

So sorry I went on a rant up there, I just had such a lovely day and I wanted to share it all with you! Cheers, as them Brits say.

Pre-show selfie, done right!

Ah my loves. They were darling.

Wee bit of a Hollywood sign in the distance there, you see?

"Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be!"

I'm sure Haley was hoping that this could be her and either 1) Harry Styles or 2) Michael Clifford. Myself? I'm content with whomever is the one. 

Innovative Materials Conference @ FIDM.

So it was during my 20th Century Designers class that we took a trip down the hall to this conference that was taking place in one of the classrooms at the OC FIDM campus. With Andre Courreges and YSL fresh on our minds, we were taken into this room full of this incredible new and innovative materials that were fresh on the market.

Astounding. I was in seventh heaven. I'm not even a textile major, or design major for that matter, but all of these crafts relate to each other and interest me! My goodness, you would not believe the imaginations and brains behind such innovative people. The variety and amount of new textiles out there today, and where they come from is a complete mind blower. So come with me as I share these amazing new textiles, and hopefully you'll feel the same way that I do! 

Apologies for the camera. I only had my iPhone with me!

Below is a super reflective jacket taken with a flash. Just check out them apples.

Here, I stand next to my new winter jacket. I WISH! This furry jacket has built in LED lights, giving it a colorful lighted effect. Genius!

This here was by far my favourite innovation. It's an apron made out of old cassette tape film (remember those from back in the day) woven together with cotton. Here, I have a cassette player, and if you slowly move it down the apron, you can hear remnants of songs off these films. It's astounding. 

This jacket was most popular with my age group, for it has cellphone charging pockets. 

Below are materials made out of the top layer of fermenting wine. 

This here jacket is just the same, but made out of fermented tea. 

Creations out of a 3D printer. Pretty soon, they're gonna be able to create skin. Imagine that!

This is a photograph printed onto a dress.. something I'm very much interested in. 

This chevron dress is made out of recycled plastic. Adorbs!

Ahh also one of my favorites. I like this shirt a latte. Can you guess why? It's made out of recycled coffee grounds!

A cardigan made out of milk proteins..

Tiles made out of recycled skateboards..

Tops made out of hemp..

And lastly, pants made out of recycled beer bottles.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Introspective Thinking.

I'm in that very introspective mood today. Often times, I get more introspective and deep at particular times. For instance, when I'm trying to fall asleep, or perhaps it's when I want to escape a certain situation I'm presently in. I get all deep and I disappear into my mind.

It's fascinating how incredible our minds are. To explore them.. t'would be dangerous yet enticing territory. But I'll save you the trouble today from entering the mazes and the intricacies of my thought processes and instead share with you one particular thought I have already picked out.

So I went to church this past Sunday at Free Chapel, and I gotta say, it was lovely. The subject talked about was contentment. Now being content is all fine and dandy, yes? Well in this case, it was brought up alongside the fact that we, as human beings, have such incredible capabilities, that we sometimes fall short of what we're really capable of. We lose that passion, that drive, that perseverance that gets us farther in life and instead, settle for contentment. We're made for so much, a single human being. Truly, we have the power to walk on the moon, or dive hundreds of feet with one breath, or to walk after an accident after being told it could never happen again. The human psyche is incredibly powerful and strong, so why should we settle for less than what we're made of?

Personally, I''ve been down this road.We probably all have. But that doesn't mean we have to stop, build a log house and settle. It means you gotta push farther, for there's always more.

Kind of cheesy, but I'm a sucker for Pinterest quotes..

So that's me on not settling for less than what we're made of. It was quite an eye-opening morning for me and it sure taught me a good lesson. 

Want to know what I look like when I have my introspective game face on? Or when I'm in the zone and writing in my very dear journal? Well here you go!

P.s. And lots of my skirt. I just love my skirt.

Here is me trying to be be all serious and deep.. Yeah, I think I mostly enjoyed taking selfies, for I actually haven't done that in awhile.. 'Cept for Halloween..

I do care if the world knows what my secrets are.. Sorry Mary Lambert.