Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Delirious Days.

It's like clockwork every Tuesday afternoon. Whit and myself get utterly delirious.

It happened a bit sooner today for some apparent reason and we were bouncing off of the walls. Whether it was due to the prospect of a long evening, the fact that I was staring one and a half feet down to talk to Whitney (my heels put me at a much higher stance today), or the fact that I was craving an absolute coffee (in which I later had not just one, but two), there was no denial that we were especially delirious.

Any suggestions on how you batter delirium in the later hours of the day? Don't get me wrong- we much enjoy the endless giggles and state of crazy that we go into, we just don't know how to settle down come the later classes!

Ah, but laughter feeds the soul, does it not?

Whitney and I began this little photo shoot with some short/tall jokes, my favorite being:
Whit: "Do you play basketball?"
Me: "Do you play mini golf?"
Oh tall girl probs.

But then slowly, Whit became more delirious..

I then somehow managed to get some normal outfit pics, but that was soon interrupted by Whit... 

Just look at her go!

I tried running for my life...

I soon cam back though because I missed her too much!

Reunited once again.

Her theatrical faces.. They're absolutely hysterical. 

What I wore: misc. flower necklace (used), white LUSH to with bow back (sale), long aqua pleated SOTRINA skirt (used), and nude STEVE MADDEN pumps (used). 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

TMG Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite.

So another opportunity rolled itself onto the FIDM portal here last week. One activity that involved the word "Oscars."

Oh yes. Whitney, Jordan, and myself all jumped on that bandwagon as soon as we saw the volunteer posting come up on our school's career center page (which, by the way, is the most wicked thing to ever happen at any school), not knowing exactly what we were getting ourselves into, only that we wanted to check it out!

So after coming home from my epic week in Arizona (missing you lads), and being thrown back into school, I just hopped into this activity and drove to LA the last three days for this thing!

What an excitement that was. And although we didn't get to see Bradley Cooper or Benedict Cumberbatch (I know, sniff sniff), I had some pretty incredible experiences, as well as some fond memories.

Basically, we were celebrity escorts. The guests would check in downstairs (by the way, this was held at the shwankville Beverly Hilton), and then one of us would take them upstairs to the suite room on the 8th floor, where they had to go through two more check-ins. In said suite, there were a variety of Pre-Oscar pampering stations, as well as some random businesses. From massages to cupcakes, to cellphone cases and eyebrow bars, this tightly packed room was full of all the hustle and bustle. And then we basically took them around, held their shopping bags as they received free goods from the vendors, and then made sure to have photographs taken at each station.

It was way fun! And you know, we met some pretty neat people. Actors, celebrity stylists, bloggers, directors, journalists, the whole enchilada!

I think one of my favorite bits, however, besides having been asked for my number (!!!), was the after-party run-in. So after I had taken my complimentary Strawberry Shortcake cupcake (the main reason why I drove down to LA in the first place, duh), Jordan, Whitney, and myself went down to the lounge to sit our feet and kill some time before hitting the obnoxious Los Angleles traffic scene.

So this was the second night- I had a Shirley Temple, the piano man was going ham (John Hamm), and all of a sudden, Jordan goes "Hey, isn't that a celebrity?" Now Whitney, who is our official pop culture genius, turns around, does the craziest 360 back to us and goes "THAT'S SCOTT EASTWOOD." It was pretty exciting, let me tell you! And not the fact that it's the celeb actor and famous Clint Eastwood son, but the fact that this man is hella attractive.

I liked to joke- Even though I may go to a school with few boys, when I do go out, I have drinks next to Scott Eastwood. Who knew?

But truly, it was such an action packed couple of days. We met an actor off of Teen Wolf as well as Chuck Lidell, Pepper from AHS, and then many many more interesting individuals.

What a weekend indeed!

Gotta have an elevator selfie in the Beverly Hilton!

These cupcakes were the reason I came, truly.

Stephen Lunsford from Teen Wolf. What an absolute sweetheart he was. And can we just take a moment to appreciate my epic photo bombing skills? Jordan and Whitney were over there at the hair care station chatting him up and I just grabbed a bottle and jumped in when the photo opportunity came.. hehe.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Yes Lads.

Thus begins one of the highlights of my year.

The week of the Brits. The intense week full of making new friends, late In-N-Out runs, ping pong and pool tournaments, and excessive base filled jamming in the car at midnight, racing to hit curfew.

Yes lads, it is one class week! One that I would very much like to extend every year, and one that admittedly comes to a crashing end.

PBD, or Post-Brit-Depression. It's hit, full and hard. And it happens every year, so it's not like it's something that I haven't experienced, or that it comes out of nowhere, it just doesn't seem to numb the pain of goodbyes and the halting of an epic week.

But as I say every year, I'm glad to have had this experience at all! I've made some wicked friends, as well as some pretty fond memories.

So there really isn't a specific time that was more special than the others, so I'm just gonna post all of my favourite photos as well as some funny little story that went along with it.

Game nights! Pop a squat on the sidelines, cheer for your players (whilst also learning names of the others), and give it up for Preston College! The friendly was pretty exciting to watch. I mean, they happened to be playing a team from Dublin..

Some of my best friends from around the world! Jordan, on the left, from Alaska, and then Kate, on the right, from Arizona.

And then we have Carolina and Haley joining the growing female support of Preston.

Emma and Rory here were quite the musicians at the piano every day.. often with the company of my cousin Eric!

This was a team dinner at one of the host family's houses.. one that later evolved into the after-party at my aunt Pam's house. That was the night of putting a player in the boot of the car, as well as intensely loud base pumping music and races to hit curfew. What a night that was! Eleven players at the house.. more than half the team!

We had Scotti, Reece, James, Alex, Kane, Regan, Scott, Rory, and Curtis, as well as all of the fangirls!

Last game day (although they should've been in the finals) was actually one of the funniest games. We had some hilarity with goals, and an overall worth it laugh. 

Curtis and Rory.. love them.

Reece scoring a goal was by far the best celebration out there. Shirts were off, dance moves were displayed, as well as yellow cards given! Totally worth it though. 

Machine gun celebration!

Scott, Regan, and Reece. 


What a fine group that is! A fine group of groupies.. hehe.

Team and their host families. 

Quality week with these lads (and lass). Cheers to Rory, Eric, Emma, and Curtis. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

British Invasion.

Seems appropriate that the day I return from one of the highlights of my year (the Preston college visit and epic week of football games and making new friends from across the pond, all things you'll hear about come this Thursday), that I would also be presenting my macro trend in my concepts in trend forecasting class. A macro trend that goes along the lines of the "British Invasion."

Whit, Jojo, and myself all chose this trend because 'ello it's a current happening. We had to present four different buckets, so Fashion/Style, Food/Beverage, Travel, and Media/Entertainment, and it wasn't difficult at all to find prime examples and plenty of evidence.

Whether it be Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Hozier, George Ezra, Kate Middleton, David Beckham, Shepard's Pie, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Kate Winslet, the Brits are definitely coming and they show no signs of stopping!

So naturally, we all had to dress up in our English finest, complete with accessories and all!

We were passionate, that is hands down a fact. And it was so easy to talk about the Brits because I just had one of the most epic weeks with them.

What a fine return home, if I do say so myself.

Whitney's English outfit..

Jordan's English outfit..

And then there's myself..

Harry simply loved my phone booth necklace.. just check out that grin!

What I wore: red ribbon headband (homemade), British heart earrings, red phone booth necklace,  One Direction tee (used), navy and red GAP skirt (used), and Hunter socks and wellies (used).