Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Song for Sunday- All About That Base.

It's about time a song like this came out.

A song about loving your body no matter what size and shape you are, about embracing those curves and that booootay.

I could go on and on about this subject, about healthy body image and self-love and confidence; it's a really precious subject to me that I'm taking into my future, but for today, it's all about the song, so I'll start with that!

I first heard this rocking song in South Dakota and I was taken with the beat and the girly energy. It got even better when I sat down and actually watched the music video.

Holy Moley.


Sung by curvy blonde Meghan Trainor, the music video was set in a retro 1960's pastel scene, very feminine and girly. She was dancing round there and I just fell in love with the whole message of the song, along with the visuals and the audio.

This girl has got a voice. First single too, and she's rocking every inch of it. It makes me get up and dance and feel way way confident and beautiful in the skin I'm in.

And it's true. Here are a collection of quotes I have found to be similar and inspiring to this subject:

Yeah, a couple may have meant more like... ten. 

But you get the main gist, yes?

And I'm not here to tell you that skinny isn't bad. It's being confident in your own skin, no matter what size you were born with, that I'm trying to share. Living a healthy and happy lifestyle is what's important. Some girls were blessed to be naturally slim, others were blessed with curves. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you love who you are in the healthy and beautiful body you were given.

"If you got beauty, beauty, just raise 'em up
'Cause every inch of you is perfect 
From the bottom to the top.."

Stop and Smell the Roses.

Rush rush rush. Go go go.

While that type of fast paced living can be beneficial and productive, it can also cause one to forget about the beauty in simplicity, especially in nature. 

After coming home from work today, I was taking a walk outside getting ready to have my pictures taken, and with the finishing touches of a rain just passed, I really stopped and took a good look around me.

I was especially fascinated with the drops of remaining rainwater on various plants, especially the fuchsia wave baskets hanging out front. Made for a simply gorgeous backdrop I just couldn't resist. 

You could say that I had quite the time outside there with the flowers..

What I wore: navy safety pin dress (used), navy leggings, and red DOC MARTEN ankle booties (used). 

Little Fall of Rain.

There is just something magnificent about rain. 

The pure elegance of fallen tears that Mother Nature cries. 

Combine that with an old fashioned umbrella and vintage dress and you've got a quiet aura of mystery. 

Plus, when it's this kind of light misting action, I'm forever reminded of one of the most beautiful scenes in Les Mis. The Little Fall of Rain scene just touches my heart. So pretty.

What I wore: black vintage dress (used), gold sparkly BANANA REPUBLIC belt (sale), and cheetah/spike KELSI DAGGER loafers (used). 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vintage Days are the Best Days.

One can never go wrong with vintage.

It's timeless, classic, and it has stories weaved into every rhinestone and applique flower. 

I myself have always had a soft spot for vintage clothing, thanks to my mother and her love of anything antique and old. Besides their history and elegance, vintage clothing has always had an aura of mystery to it. Who wore this dress? Where did they live and where did they where it? 

So you could say that I have my fair share of vintage clothing and because it's a day I don't work (although I  type this the next day because of a late Sherlock marathon last night), I decided to don a vintage dress for my Dresses for Lesses challenge. 

Also, I'm reading a truly beautiful book called The Perfume Collector and I am most inspired. The setting (London, Milan, Paris), the time period (from the 1920's to the mid 1950's), and the simple luxury in which it took place. At times, of course. It's beautifully written and I highly suggest it. 

I just got me a vintage soul, I guess. And I'm lovin' every part of it. 

What I wore: vintage baby blue earrings (used), SD sunglasses, vintage floral blue and green dress (used), and black RALPH LAUREN flats (used). 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones.

It's like stepping back into my childhood every time I attend the Flintstones Theme Park in the small town of Custer.

Do you ever have those special places that just take you back? Where you see your ten year old self running around playing imaginary games, with no thought as to who's watching or what they're thinking?

Man, those were the days. The days of unfiltered bliss, of endless playing, and imagination and creativity running free in the wind.

Of course, there's no reason why one should put those special gifts up on the shelf, forgotten and lost. That's why I'm back to this place! To be a child again, to throw coins in the fountain and explore Bedrock City.

I've been coming here for as long as I can remember, ever since being a wee little one. It's been a staple in our summer trips in South Dakota and being eighteen is certainly not stopping me from coming to one of my favorite digs.

First, one begins on the train, exploring around the park and ending with a hunt for dinosaurs in Dinosaur Canyon. Then, one explores the town of Bedrock City- Fred's home, their super fun cars (powered by feet), the post office, the hairdresser, the bank, the fire department, the list goes on. Then one ends in the massively entertaining park, looking smaller every year as I grow bigger.

It simply gets better every year, and I especially love seeing the confused looks of little kids at our adult appearance. Hey, I was a kid too once, and still consider myself one!

Anyhow, growing up with the Flintstones was great- it's a classic that I still continue to enjoy today.

"We'll have a gay old time.."

Grandma sure enjoyed the trip as well, if you couldn't tell!