Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Skies.

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it just continues to go downhill from there? Well that was me today. First, I went to spin class by my lonesome, which was fine until I tossed my towel in the dirty bin and then had to go and retrieve it because, well, it's mine and not the gym's.Then, they got my drink order wrong and instead of correcting them on that little booboo, I cowered and sucked that thing down. My fault for not doing anything about it, but I have a hard time speaking up sometimes. Then there were some petty arguments and no matter how much jamming One Direction I played, my mood just continued to be poop. It's a bummer, really, because the day was groovy indeed. Beautiful, clear, blue skies against the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, warming breeze, and sunshine. So my blog title for today was also inspired by one of my fave jams "Blue Skies" by Noah and the Whale and I discovered this whole inspiration when I was laying down on my floor in my room. Outside, I saw the most beautiful contrast between sky and earth and it actually made me feel a bit better. The trees shimmied with the wind and it was all so beautiful. And the song, "This is the  song for anyone with a broken heart".. "Cause blue skies are calling, but I know that it's hard." Gosh it just fits along with how I was feeling today. And the blue skies did call to me and I did get up and put on a brave face because sometimes, when we fake how we feel, our faking turns into normality and things do turn a corner in how we feel. 

What I wore: blue ANN TAYLOR cashmere cardigan with pearl buttons (used), yellow CAbi pencil skirt, and white FRYE boots (used). 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Song for Sunday- Autumn Leaves.

I thought, it's fall, why not share one of my favorite artists and then conveniently share a song that goes along with the season? So yes, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran sings this delightful song. With its beautiful lyrics and light and airy feel to it, Autumn Leaves is one of my favorites on his + album. One of the unsung heroes, you know? It's such a lovely song that makes me feel like fall, like his voice is that carrier for the little leaf as it falls slowly to te ground. Gahh I can't explain how incredibly touching his voice is. In this song particularly, it's just so... Words. Loss. His voice is round, it fills voids and holes and just envelopes the meaning of all his lyrics. Obviously I'm not a critic here because of my obvious blubbering, but the point is that this song to me is simply perfect for another fall day here in Alaska. It embodies everything beautiful. "Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you float down like autumn leaves and hush now close your eyes before the sleep.." And with the wind here currently raging like a bloody hurricane, the leaves more like get pushed to the ground, but they still fall, and with this song playing, I can imagine them drifting ever so gracefully to "touchdown, like a 747."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mr. Windy Go Away.

When I was a little girl, my dad came up with a little ditty to go along with wind because sometimes, that bad boy can be a pain in the rump. And Kenai is Mr. Windy City and so naturally, it fits along. It goes a little something like this.. "Mr. Windy go away, come back and blow another day. Mr.Windy you're so strong, why do you have do blow so long?" Today was one of those days. For the most part, the leaves had thus far stayed on the trees but today was the breaking point for most of them to flutter down in a blowy manner. And when it blows here, it blows hard. So I bundled up in some fall colors (of course) and enjoyed the wind from the comfort of the indoors. 

Even my coffee senses a change in the season. 

What I wore: off-white GAP cardigan (used), silk mustard blouse (used), vintage rhinestone iridescent choker (used), taupe LONG TALL SALLY skinnies, and white FRYE ankle boots (used). 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Book of Mormon.

Take it way back in time.. Lets say March of this year. At the time, I was living in Arizona, but I was invited to spend a week with my dad who was down in Chicago for some conferences. Turn down Chicago? As if. So I flew down there, met up with my dad, and we continued to have the best week. One of the highlights of our time there was an evening out on broadway seeing the very humorously controversial "Book of Mormon. " Now I'm not one to go into religious specifics or defending some such cause because that is altogether somewhere I'd rather not go. Instead, I will simply give you my opinion on what I thought of the production. I loved it. I really did. The best starter for the show was when I was looking through the program and I recognized one of the actors who played Elder Cunningham, and upon closer examination, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the actor who played Benji from "Pitch Perfect!" I just about died there. And then the show was phenomenal. I mean, there's something to be said about a broadway theatre and the atmosphere and all that, but I can't even remember the last time that I laughed so hard. And my dad! He was having a ball.  And even through all of the inappropriate songs, content, lines, and mannerisms, everyone in the audience was laughing and enjoying themselves, just like me. And much to my surprise, there's actually good morals to the show. No matter how absurd and silly ones belief is, as long as one has faith, anything one believes can happen. 

Shopping Fix.

So it's been approximately a couple of months since I last went shopping. Seriously, I am on a shopping deficit here. Since living in a small community with very few thrifting and consignment choices, it makes it difficult for me to get my funk on when finding that deal. We had one consignment store here that my mom opened. Let me tell you about it! So it's called Curtain Call Consignment Boutique and it's been running strong for about three years now until all of a sudden, some doofus decided to drive through, not jsut an exterior wall, but THROUGH the store. So unfortunately, having a convenient place to shop at every weekend has been temporarily taken away from me and the rest of the community. That being said, between my busy work schedule and homeschooling, it's made it nearly impossible for me to take a break and escape to the city for some long overdue shopping; however, an opportunity did come up for my mom and I to take a little breather yesterday and drive up to the nearest big city (and only big city- Alaska Studies has taught me that over half the population of AK lives in this city), Anchorage, and have a day to ourselves. Between the stresses of this Curtain Call ordeal and my daily routines with early mornings, naps, and the occasional yoga class, this was the perfect chance for us to have a girly trip. And girly it was! We had major luck in all three of our favorite consignment stores (and then some), and there were multiple coffees and fabulous meals throughout the day as well.

The forecast called for rain, and indeed we did receive some, but it was actually a beautiful drive on the way up..

To start our day off on the right foot, and tis the season, we stopped at got Starbucks' signature Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Cheers to the start of a fabulous day!

Mumzy and I stopping for a photo. I'm surprised the guy working register didn't photobomb.. he was quite the odd ball and kept staring at me too. Prolly because he was jealous of my locks 'cause he had himself a ponytail going on there.

Now since this Starbucks was located right next to my favorite bra store "About Face", we decided to pop in there and look about. Well that turned into trying on and then purchases. And it's the type of store where they help you with fittings and such, just like the tv show "Double Divas." It was pretty grooving.

Here's an inside glimpse into one of my favorite consignment stores around, Plain Jane Consignment located on Northern Lights Blvd.

What I wore: cream vintage cashmere sweater with rhinstone buggies (used), J CREW bluesey checkered blouse (used), orange GAP skirt (used), black LONG TALL SALLY leggings, white socks, brown ankle combat boots (used), and then a brown DOLCE & GABBANA clutch (used).

I found it very ironic that while a lot of people prepare for the winter months dressing in blacks, grays, and browns (what I can dreary colors), I choose color! Now there of course is a time and a place for dreary colors, but when one is given color, dude, go all out.
Racks and racks of luscious cashmere sweaters, silk tops, beads, sparkles...

Lunch today was at one of my favorite little places called Organic Oasis. Since my sister loathes to go here, we decided to make a stop for an afternoon munchie. Here, I dined on the colorful yam stew.

Appetizer- some sort of avacado shrimp salad that was tasty wasty.

And for the main course, a stuffed chicken breast atop rise pilaf, smothered in some creamy cheese, and then accompanied by some steamed veggies.
I thought this was the most darling setup. The use of an old sewing machine.. genius!

Sometimes I think that the only attractive thing about a garment is the brand. Seriously. I would buy this cardigan even if it didn't fit just for this adorable tag.
Store number two of the afternoon: Clothsline Consignment located on Northern Lights Blvd. I love their girlish displays and colorful artwork. And of course their merchandise.

This is practically what my closet looks like. I know. Sad. But true.

Trying on- part two! And it seems that color agains seems to be in my favor.

Another example of cute tags! Do people who cut out their tags do so for this reason? Because they're freaking adorable?

So I may have had some luck in the Clothsline.. two pairs of boots later, and then some.

And last consignment shop on the list is the lovely Second Run Consignment located behind Nordstrom downtown.

And it appears once more that I had luck in there! Not only did I get yet another pair of boots ( that now makes three pairs in one single day), but I found a $5 item, and then a couple other of goodies.

So whilst shopping about and combing through the racks of designer dresses, this little guy decided to come up and give me a hand. What a cutie.

Dinner tonight, after a strenuous day shopping, was at my favorite cafe: Nordstrom Cafe. Being the only ones in there, it made for a quiet but lovely meal. And this is a Magic Bar, and let me tell you that it is magical indeed! Especially because we had dessert before dinner, what? ;)
My favorite soup in the whole wide world- creamy tomato. It not only tasts so creamy good, but it brings back memories of being in Arizona with one of my best buds and introducing her to this creation.It's also one of the best fall pick-me-ups and keep-me-warms.

And for the entree... this rosemary chicken avacado sanwhich on foccacia bread. DIVINE. Not even joking. And I was not afraid to eat it too!

I guess you could say that we had a cheeky girl's day out in Anchorage.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frigid Fall.

Ok, I know it's inevitable for cold to start creeping in to Alaska's weather, but honestly, it's just the middle of September and we are already in the twenty degree temperature zones! The leaves haven't even fully turned and fallen to the ground and already there's frost snaking up on my car in the morning. What is this madness. I know it's nothing new to Alaska weather standards, but I guess it always surprises me anyway when it comes, especially because I was hoping for a longer fall, at least one that was semi-warm. The good thing to this new occurence, however, is that I get to spend my time indoors with a cup of coffee by my side and enjoy watching people scurry from their cars to indoors. It is quite a sight, but the minute it's my turn to go outside, yeah, not so funny anymore.
Homeschooling is going pretty groovy for me. My favorite class thus far is the BYU online fashion course. I am serioulsy learning so much and it's like i've always dreamed. As a kid, I had always hoped for a class where we get to learn about the importance of style as self expression, fashion history, and how to open a business, and there's actually a class for it! I am thoroughly enjoying myself, let me tell you. The current lesson that I am on is "I Have Nothing to Wear!" Story of my life, yeah? It talks about the importance of style and how to edit one's closet in order to mirror our personalities. They talk about extroverted, introverted, feeling, thinking (I would be introverted and feeling) and how this effects how we dress. And then it goes on saying how style isn't just about clothing, but how it also deals with hair, makeup, accessories, attitude, and evevn body language! I am seriously thrilled beyond belief to be finally taking a class of my dreams. So although the frigid weather has made me feel somewhat upset, I get to make up for it by coffee and learning about what I love most: style!

What I wore: baby blue FREE PEOPLE tank, JULIE'S CLOSET tunic (sale!), army green AERIE leggings, and navy blue SACHELLE boots (used).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Song for Sunday- Iridescent.

So last night, my sister and I were driving home from a lovely dessert/coffee date with one of our good friends, and as usual when we are in a car together, we jam out to music. Some of our favorites include Macklemore (we are so gangster), and then Glee ( who can resist?), but for this time, one of Linkin Park's songs came on that really struck a  string in me. Now I love me any Linkin Park for their powerful rock and lyrics, but I had never really taken the time to really listen to this particular song, "Iridescent" until my sister told me to listen. Sure enough, the song is wicked. It starts out kind of like "Fix You" in the sense that it connects to the listener on the problems and sad mood they feel when listening, but then it builds to this crescendo where one has no choice but to let whatever plagues one has and to move on. The line "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation, you build up hope but failure's all you've known, remember all the sadness, and frustration, and let it go..." So for that first part of the song you're like "Yes, they know how I feel" pity party but then at the end, it surprises you with letting go. Then you have the background singers sounding like a choir singing of hope and the song makes you feel better in the end. I think I may have found my new inspirational pick me up! 

Ok, so although you may be thinking that this is simply another cup of coffee, it has meaning. First of all, it was the drink I got last night when we went out (and when this song came as inspiration to me), and second of all, the bubbles are iridescent! See. Ha. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brisk Days and Banana Bread.

There's just something about fall that's so insanely comforting. Leaves falling, colors changing, pumpkin lattes, and cashmere sweaters give this season a cuddly and cozy feeling to it. Now I wish our fall season lasted longer because in all actuality, it's here about two weeks before turning to snow and there is such a short amount of time to really enjoy and appreciate the gorgeous season that it is.  For me personally, it is my all time favorite season. Take today for instance- although it wasn't the 26 degree temperature it was a couple of days ago (seriously its only September), there was a brisk feel to the air. Now I only know about that because my customers complained of the cold as I stood behind the coffee bar with my toasted marshmallow tan mocha, but still! And then arriving home, I was instantly bombarded with the homey smell of banana bread. Plopped right out of the oven, and warm on my hand, it truly was  epitome of a brisk fall day. 

What I wore: GAP off white sweater (used), navy birdie GAP tank (mega sale), caramel leather belt (used), mustard vintage pleated PRINCETON skirt (used), chocolate ankle MIZ MOOZ buckle boots (sale at Nordstrom Rack), misc navy socks, and mustard vintage ribbon tied as a bow in my hair!