Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Underwater Adventures in Paradise.

So our family used to have this tradition, where every fall/winter, my mom and dad would surprise all of us kids with a certain "surprise vacation." We weren't told we were leaving until the day of and all that would happen with packing was just what the weather was like at our destination, but as to where that was, we didn't know until the plane. It was all very exciting. Nowadays we don't do that much anymore with all of our school schedules, work, extra-curricular activities.. you catchin' my drift here?

One of my favorite "surprise vacations" would have to be when we visited Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Mexico. Situated squarely on the beach in this gorgeous paradise, and secluded from crowds, we had it like kings where we stayed. I mean, these guys raked the sand after we walked on it! Whew. 

Anyhow, some of the best memories have been in th pool splashing around with my sister and making the silliest faces we could imagine. One of my favorites below is the one where I'm smiling and my sister has this utter look of surprise on her face. I think I hit her accidentally in the face or something. I just laugh out loud every single time. Oh good times. 

So I guess the reason I think of this particular occasion as one to look back on fondly (besides the fact that it was an incredible experience altogether) is that this time of year is when these surprise vacations usually go down. Plus, there's a chance of snow come next Monday so I guess in looking towards tropical warmth to get me through these tough times coming ahead!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creeping Countdown.

Since it is officially T-minus 24 hours until the official date of Halloween, I thought I would dress a little on the creepy side. Now while I'd like to go all out and wear an old creepy mask around town in preparation for one of my favorite holidays of the season, I'll just stick to incorporating some amount of Halloween mystique into my wardrobe.

Today, I chose to go with webbed fishnet tights in a witch-like manner. I also added an Edward Scissor Hand-like necklace and creepy raven to go along with Edgar Allen Poe's whole "Raven" theme. Tis the season!

Twas indeed the season outside. The wind continues to blow here with such force for some odd reason, but at least the downpour of rain has ceased, at least for a little while. Yeah, the wind was so bad that it knocked over our flag pole from a tree with the American Flag perched on it. Sitting there on the ground is not only disrespectful, but bad luck. CREEEEPY.

Anyhow, I am more than excited for tomorrow. I'm thinking holiday colors and possibly some baking with a friend since we're too old to trick-or-treat (it's cold outside anyway) and there are never any haunted houses or parties in this small town. Looking forward to it anyways! 

What I wore: scissor necklace (birthday gift from the best sister ever), bird necklace (thank you Mumzy!), grey cashmere LA MADE sweater (used), high waisted MARITHE GIREAUD FRANCOIS denim shorts (Value Village), spidey like KATE SPADE rights (sale at Nordstrom Rack), and cream colored FRYE boots (used). 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ready, Aim, Fire.

It's about time that some recognition goes to one of the best superheroes of our time. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the one and only IRON MAN.

You've probably heard of him. His rocking various suits, Jarvis in his ear, and his charismatic,womanizing,cocky, and egotistical attitude ( that comes from Tony Stark as well). 

Now I am personally not a comic nerd, but I'm thinking that its about time. My brother has stacks of comics in his room and my sister has even read them. I do know a lot about the IRON MAN epic but I want to be a true Iron Man fan, you know? I've only seen the movies (which are completely awesome except for the last one where they completely destroy Mandarin's character) and now I'm ready to become an all knowing fan. 

Seriously, my sister and I have quite the quote battles in all the Iron Man films. It can be pretty intense sometimes. Plus, when he's with the other Avengers, it's sheer powered awesomeness. 

So today at work, being in the spirit of Halloween and such, my coworker and I dressed up as superheroes. Naturally, one can guess that I was indeed Iron Man and then she was Storm from the X Men series. Let the battles for tips begin my friend. 

What I wore: red tulle hair bow (used), MARVEL vintage Iron Man tee ( and my sister is incredibly jealous that I have this but I told her that it was seriously mine because I bought it at Elan's Vintage Boutique in Rapid City, SD- so there), red  ALEXANDER WANG high waisted red shorts (used), black tights, and striped cozy UGG boots (used). And of course my borrowed brother's Iron Man mask!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Rainy Days in Cozy Cafes..

Talk about the epitome of rainy days. Today might have just been that. The wind roared and the rain came down in torrents. BUR. Racing to and from buildings was the total norm for all souls brave enough to weather the storm. 

For me, I spent my day indoors at one of my favorite coffee spots- Coffee Roasters. Protected from the drenching wet and cold outside and with my hands curved around the warm contents of my coffee cup, it was the perfect distraction to the nasty outside. 

Here, I find a break from the storm and pose a few photos. Obviously the cold temperature outside made an appearance in some of my poses. 

What I wore: vintage rhinestone studs (used), gray animal print BEBE tank (used), forest green long sleeved FREE PEOPLE cardigan (used), black CAbi jeggings, and tall brown MIZ MOOZ boots (sale!). 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flirty, Fifty, and Thriving.

It's my mum's birthday today! Yeah buddy. And of course it would turn nasty outside, if ya know what I mean. Oh iFunny. Yeah, it's been raining and windy all day and the temps are in the low thirties. How uncomfortable is that? But we just stay cooped up indoors and all is well.

To start my mom's celebratory day off, she came into my workplace and enjoyed a lovely cup of eggnog, made from the bottom of our hearts. 

Then, she got a surprise visit from her good friends! An they brought the most delicious and famous cake pops thatI'm  sure you've heard about from previous posts. 

See that photo bomber back there? Ha. 

It was so good to be able to spend some time with my mom whilst at work today. Any time spent with my mom is good, I would say.

Later, we sat down for a meal fit for a king and homemade by the efforts of our family. 

It sure was delicious!

My dad's roasted purple potatoes from our very own garden. 

My dad's delish homemade garlic bread. 

Roasted asparagus. Mmm good. 

And of course no Alaskan meal is without some AK king crab, yes?

My sister makes some wicked chocolate pudding as well. 

Secretly, my mom is the biggest fan of GLEE and I have her to thank for introducing my sister and I to the best show ever!

Happy birthday to you, Mumzy.