Monday, December 26, 2016

A Krull Christmas.

It was another jolly holiday at the Krull Kastle.

We managed to find wanton wrappers at the last minute, the driveway was successfully plowed, and we all had a most delightful Christmas Eve dinner with loved ones.

It's uncanny to me how quickly the holidays came up. One day, I was in London visualizing the holidays from months out, and the next, I'm crossing off days on the advent calendar and waking up for presents on Christmas morning.

I remember when I was a child that time seemed to run as slowly as sap on a birch tree. The holidays were a time of school concerts, of playtime out in the snow (before it quickly got dark), and counting down the days until school was out.

Nowadays, the month of December flies so quickly! We're bustling around running errands, having and attending holiday parties, and before we know it, time has all but gone and disappeared from view.

It's absolutely crazy pants. But as quickly as time knocks on our door and waves goodbye when the festivities have finished, we continue to have a fabulous evening, as the time we do have is well spent and well appreciated.

Plus, I actually enjoy socializing now! Who knew chit chatting over White Russians could be so enlightening?

I hope you all had a lovely holidays as well and that they were spent with those you cherish most.

The Krull Kastle is lit and ready to party!

Cake pops courtesy of Rosie's Cake Pop Palace..

Our bartender for the evening was Alyeska, who took traditional holiday drinks and changed them up a wee bit..

We had a twist on your classic White Russian, which substituted amaretto for vodka and added salted caramel.

We also had a holiday version of the Moscow Mule, which added cranberry juice, pomegranates, and rosemary. Mmmhmm good.

I myself was on wanton duty...

Along with the whistling Anton and Dad...

Mom was in charge of removing plates from the oven. Hot stuff!

The meal itself was most delicious...

...And for dessert, one of our guests brought out an extraordinary dessert wine from France that had non-wine drinkers clamoring for another glass.

Next to red velvet and lemon cake pops, it was the sweetest finish!

I was joined by my bae when the desserts came out...

Christmas morning had us all up at 8am, with frosted bread and coffee to help entice the parents out of bed...

It was a morning of great thanks and many smiles (and a few hefty glasses of cranberry mint juleps)..

These cranberry mint juleps sure gave us a swift kick in the britches!

Merry Christmas from the Krulls!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hidden (Female) Figures.

It has been all about girl power as of late.

Not that girl power isn't always present, but it's not always as prevalent as it should be.

In fact, females continue to be treated as lesser than men, an issue that should not exist. But we're working on it, and I guarantee that one day soon, we will be just as equal as men.

In the meantime, however, we can work on improving women's rights in everyday little matters, especially where education is concerned, something I have been especially passionate about.

Take last night for instance: Dad and I were seated in the living room and a particular special came on TV called The Real Vikings. Inspired by the hit TV show The Vikings, it explored the history of actual Vikings and had a certain special on women's roles during that time. Well you know I was all excited to hear about that!

I learned that not only were there real female shield maidens (strategically, they battled against strength with skill), but that they were considered to be an enormous force in the success and expansion of Viking conquering, especially when it came to textile production (particularly in their sails).

Basically, women were boss just as much as Viking men were and it isn't a well known fact.

But now you know!

Also of importance is the upcoming movie called Hidden Figures. It explores the story of a female African American mathematician's work during the late '60's. It tells of her extensive involvement in predicting the calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury and the Apollo 11 flight to the Moon.

It happens to be an untold true story and it happens to bring forth the fact that it was not only women, but an African American women who did the majority of the calculations for these iconic missions into space.

And we're just now hearing about it. And it's just now becoming popular. Is there a reason we haven't learned about this in our history classes? Why is it taking some fifty years for us to learn of these female achievements in our history?

Although late, I'm grateful that these achievements are coming to light and I hope it inspires and educates both women and men everywhere. 

Anyhow, I myself am a proud and passionate woman who is excited to be stepping into the working world. Educated and empowered, I can't wait to share my enthusiasm with the world, and I hope other women follow suit.

Passion: writing. And wine consumption.

What I wore: vintage gold bobble earrings (used), gold and black vintage top (consignment), black high-waisted Classiques Entier pants (Mom's), and gold sparkly Guess pumps (consignment).

Monday, December 19, 2016

In Snowy Spirits.

Monday began as best as a Monday should.

With coffee and a spin class that included loads of Christmas music and The Grinch on the television.

And it was there that I not only realized that it was T-one week until Christmas, but where I realized something else. We were going crazy on an uphill climb on the bike, sweat pouring off my face and my mom and sister on both sides of me struggling as well, that I looked up to the screen to one of the best parts of the film.

They're down in Whoville celebrating the Whobilation and Augustus Maywho just proposed to Martha May Whovier. After the Grinch scratches the new car with his finger, he proclaims that that's what Christmas has always been about: gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts.

And to some extent, it's turned into that precisely. With a degree in marketing myself, I know that once Thanksgiving, heck, even Halloween ends, it promptly slips into the Christmas marketing magic. It's all about the gifts and we succumb into the commercialization and the madness of material.

To some people, it means different things. Whether you're religious or not, I think that without a doubt, this time of year is a magical time. It's about family, and love, and about being with people you care most about. Of course the wrapped presents under the tree are an added bonus, but what brings me the most joy is a fresh snowfall (like the one we got as a surprise today), playing UNO with my family, lengthy cat naps with Fudge (like the two hour one I had this afternoon), and getting into the holiday spirit.

Remember that the best Christmas memories aren't about gifts. They are about memories, feelings, people, and holiday cheer. You can't buy them in a department store and you can't order them online with free shipping. They're free. And they're what makes Christmas... Christmas.

Alaska's greatest gift to me: snow!

All dressed up in the spirit of Christmas...

Elan, always so graceful when walking through the snow...

What I wore: white vintage holiday scarf (used), black Cosabella jersey dress (Mom's), and cream Frye ankle boots (consignment).

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pink and Frozen.

Yesterday, Mom and I had the pleasure of driving to Anchorage.

Located some one hundred and fifty miles away, this two and a half hour drive would normally make people raise their eyebrows in confusion as to why we would take this journey so casually.

It happens to be the most beautiful drive! Coasting through the mountains with the standout avalanche remains, passing the Kenai River so gorgeously rich and glacially blue, and ending on the curvaceous Turnagain Arm, I usually make the ride as a passenger, alert and in awe the entirety of the drive.

It's breathtaking and it never ceases to make me feel so small in a world so big. And when you get to Anchorage, there's shopping and good food, so that's a bonus!

On this particular drive, we had the best ending, because we picked up my sister at the airport. Two kids down, one to go!

Anyhow, we came home in a snowstorm of epic proportions and when we woke this morning, fresh fluffy snow greeted us from the warmth of our house.

And then it very quickly left. As soon as it came, it disappeared, for this afternoon, the temps rose and the snow turned to rain.

That's Alaskan weather for you!

And as a result of this funky winter weather, our famous Kenai River has resultingly jammed in one particular spot. Chunky white and completely frozen over.  Which is normal for winter, but it's nonetheless exciting news for our small town!

Plus, it is provides an excellent backdrop to a certain shade of pink. And there was pink! Lots of it.

So here's to winter wonderlands, frozen rivers, and fifty shades of pink...

I attempted to visit the river down below, but snowy/freezing rain conditions made the stairs rather treacherous...

What I wore: blush pink Ted Baker beanie, pink Ted Baker cape, vintage pink and silver shift dress (used), gray Gucci scarf (consignment), silver sparkle Ted Baker purse (consignment), Kate Spade fishnet tights (Nordstrom Rack), and gray cowboy boots (antique store).