Thursday, January 30, 2014

(Not So) Tiny Dancer.

Oh how I miss the days of dancing!

There's not a day goes by that I don't think of dance, whether it's music on the radio making me shimmy in my seat belt, or a long aisle in the grocery store just waiting for my chassé grand jeté to leap through. But you know, once a dancer, always a dancer, and one simply doesn't drop dance. Dance is expression without words, it comes from the soul and will always be there inside of me. Plus, my large floor length mirrors in my room make dancing quite enjoyable, especially when belting out to some 1D.

I'm reminded more and more every day of the art of dance as I see my sister mature and grow into the beautiful performer she is. Did you know that back in August when we went to France, that it was because of her and her dancing shoes? I'm quite proud to call her my sister and secretly cannot wait to see her onstage once more.

So although I am not Elton John's so called "tiny dancer" (more like a sequoia tree dancer), I am still my own dancer. Whether or not I look like a gazelle on espresso beans doesn't matter- it's how the music makes me move. And groove. And jive. And shake. And shimmy. And au revoir!

What I wore: icicle multi-strand necklace (used), hot pink long-sleeved AMERICAN EAGLE top (used), white skirt with tiny dancers (used), shimmery silver NORDSTROM tights, and black MISS BISOU pumps (used).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Muffcakes and Sequins.

Sequins. They shine. They glitter. They reflect. They stand out. And there is no rule that says tney don't belong here in Alaska!

Indeed, I wore sequins yesterday and I may have gotten some grief about me not fitting into the Alaskan stereotype, but I've never fit into any stereotype anyway and so that was no surprise on my part. I just figured that the condescending looks would be gone by now, but no! As my sixth grade self would reply "whatever."

And paired with my brand new YSL red lipstick, I felt old school glamour emanating from my being. Oh yeah, funny story on the lipstick bit. I wanted a tube of fire engine red lipstick and I was searching this department store relentlessly and no help was provided, nor tube of red lipstick! And then when I did find one, conveniently Chanel, they were out of my pirate shade. Grr. But this YSL one is quite good as well. 

So completely off the subject, I'm going to tell you about this delightful treat I had today. We call it.. A... Muffcake! How genius does that sound? It's like half a muffin and then tastes like a red velvet cupcake and they are DIVINE. My friend Selia came up with that little ditty to call them. 

Muffcakes and sequins, I would say it was a pretty groovy day. 

What I wore: gold sequined jacket (used), white androgynous style PROMOD top (from Paris), black and white striped GAP skirt (used), and black HUNTER boots (used). 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cookies and Major Ice.

It rained. 

All. Night. Long.

This creates quite a mess for us in the morning, the roads especially. Ice sheets blanket every available road surface, my car gets quite good at handling that tokyo drift, and the rates increase in falling bodies. 

But you know, I'm trying to have a positive outlook on things, even if I want to pound a couple big ones into the clouds and demand snowfall. The rain has brought on good things: warmer temperatures, and... that's about all I can say. But that's a lot, for me! Plus, it feels like breakup season, just exceptionally early in the year. 

Plus, it prompts my mom to bake cookies and I can never, EVER, complain about that. 

Everything melts..

This is the danger I'm talking about here. Do you see what I have to brave everyday?


What I wore: vintage shiny clip-on grape cluster earrings (used), red and white checkered men's top (used and purchased in Paris), a fashion face FOREVER 21 tee (birthday gift), black leggings, white socks, and red DOC MARTENS (used).

I cannot explain to you, the importance of freshly baked cookies. I swear, they are this infinitely precious concoction made to instantly warm the heart and pump positivity into the soul. Plus, they are doggone delicious. Paired next to a cup of coffee, and I can set the world on fire. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

Although I love rain and find it soothing to the soul, it should not be happening now. 

 It needs to go, and soon.

After our heavy snowfall last week, the rain came in and literally spoiled everything. It has turned into a nasty ice sheet our there with temps in the upper 30's and roads impossibly slick. It is literally a danger to walk from my house to my car every morning, for it is a sheet of slick and innocent looking ice. Until I fall on my face, of course.

I don't understand how it can rain so much in January. Of course I should've gotten used to the fact that Alaska weather is completely random and at some times, simply outrageous. This is one of those times!

That being said, I am slightly happy that I get to wear more.. weather appropriate clothing. Hunter boots, more skin showing, it's practically summertime weather!

But truly, the rain needs to stop.

What I wore: vintage pearl stud earrings (used), vintage-inspired tweed TABITHA coat with fur collar (used), black ATHLETA leggings (used), brown MIZ MOOZ boots (major sale), and wine vintage riding gloves (used).

Monday, January 20, 2014

West Side Sunday.

"I like to be in America! Everything free in America!" Oh yes, that happened this weekend. The sole purpose of our trip this weekend to the city was indeed for the performance of West Side Story. I had never seen it myself and so it was quite a treat for me. There is nothing better than seeing a musical or play for the first time. 

I must say, the show was lovely. The classic Romeo and Juliet love story exploded before my eyes with gang fights, gunshots, lots of dancing, and even some tears there at the end. Of course, I only thought of Glee's version and that made it all the more special to watch. 

Plus, it was a chance for all of us to put on some lipstick and high heels and go to the theatre. I wish it still had that fancy effect of a night out (or day out, in our case, we saw the matinee).. That doesn't mean that I don't have to stop donning my fancy dress! 

Starting our day off right, we had breakfast at Girdwood's famous Bake Shop, located at the foot of the slopes.

I had myself some homemade granola with soy milk. MM.

And their sweet roles are absolutely gargantuan!!

Shopping continued today! We conveniently got to experience the "cupcake sale" at the Clothesline Consignment as well.

I love cute little labels like these. A little love never hurt nobody.

Ladies and gentleman, enjoy the show...

West Side, we be representin'.