Monday, March 14, 2016

Be a Fruit Loop in a World Full of Cheerios.

As the clouds have finally parted to reveal some of that glorious (and much desired) sunshine, I chose to don some of my finest colors, celebrating life and most recently- standing out.

I've always had a tendency to question the standards. I've never been one to fit into the status quo and as my time at school is nearing its end, I'm really beginning to hark back on those rebellious attitudes.

You see, I've always stood out. In every project, in every situation, in every decision I make when deciding what to wear, I ask myself: how can I be different? I am not a follower. Never have been, never will be. All my life, I've looked at things from a different perspective. I've never wanted to just blindly follow the rules. I'm six feet two inches, for goodness sake, so I preach the importance of standing out and celebrating what makes you different!

Life is too short to follow the crowd and blindly get by. Try new things, step outside of the box, and make the most of this short time you're given. Being different is a blessing. Embrace it!

Like I always said: Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios... Today, I was definitely the
Fruit Loop.

What I wore: black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), vintage rhinestone choker necklace, highlighter yellow Free People sweater (consignment), hot pink vintage Gianfranco Ferre jacket with highlighter yellow lining (Torso), multi-colored Kate Spade silk skirt (consignment), and nude t-strap Miz Mooz pumps (cons

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