Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cheery Disposition.

At last, I have internet. I sit here in the wee hours of the morning at my place of work, smelling the sweet aromas of espresso wafting my way and enticing me for a cup of morning joe. Now that summer has struck in the small town of Soldotna and dip net season is upon us, it seems that internet is hard to come by, thanks to the thousands upon thousands of tourists.

No matter. I'm back! Wow, there's lots to share. Lots of exciting things to share. As my mantra always happens to go, though, we'll start with coffee first. I have just been made shift captain at Kaladi Brothers, which is a position up from Barista One, after four long years of dedicated work! I'm most pleased about that. 

Secondly, it just seems that so many things are going right. Work is busy and I find myself happily occupied making tourists and regulars their specialty drinks, especially enjoying the meeting of foreign people. On my list so far, I have met people from Austria, Germany, Russia, Columbia, Finland, Australia, England, and Venezuela! The sun has been excellently present these past few weeks and I just have a truly positive outlook on the future. You ever have those moments where you're bursting with glee and dazedly smiling at absolutely nothing in particular? That was me.

I do again apologize for the lack of posting, but with our truly terrid (terrible+horrid) internet connection at home (including the slow 3G connection) and the busyness of a summer in full swing, it's been a bit difficult. Hopefully it will improve! 


What I wore: my sister's necklace (borrowed with permission!), striped navy NICOLE MILLER tee (used), bring neon CAbi capris (used), coral KATE SPADE bag (from Mom), and navy AE flats (used). 

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