Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happily a Fantastic 4th of July.

I think I can safely say that this was definitely one of my favorite Fourth of July's thus far in my long existence of eighteen years. No, truly! I can't even remember a time where I felt as proud to be as an American as I was today.

There were a lot of little things yesterday that just came together at the end that really made this day special. First off, my dearest friend Kate is visiting from Arizona and so I've been busy all week having a splendid time in her company. She is a joy to have around the house and I cannot wait to share some exciting Alaskan stories with you. 

Secondly, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. We even braved the mosquitoes and sat outside to enjoy dinner in the most perfect seventy-three degree sunshine. My oh my.

And then dinner, let me tell you all about it! We had fresh berries in the signature Fourth of July color arrangement, salad with fresh greens from the garden, fried plantains, corn on the cob, and then fresh halibut burgers, with meat not even five hours old. Holy cow. Kate and I even ventured a taste of the halibut cheeks (inspired from our recent viewing of Hannibal Rising and the belief that the cheeks are the most prized meat on animals) and were thoroughly surprised at the tastiness. Ending with a slice of the Macklemore's American that even put a smile on my mom and dad's face, we then disappeared to the indoors.

To top off this celebrated eve of our country's foundation, we sat down to watch a good ole Fourth of July classic, the famous Jaws film. Paired with a homemade crow berry pie with berries freshly picked from the backyard, I went to bed with a happy stomach, but more importantly, a happy heart. 

"Red white blue in the sky, summers in the air and baby heavens in your eyes.. I'm your national anthem.." 
Nothing beats channeling your inner Lana Del Rey on this 'merican holiday.

What I wore: my sister's headband (shhh she doesn't know yet), a vintage red fringe seventies style crop top (used), hgih waisted LEVI shorts (Paris), men's cream SPERRY TOPSIDERS (used), and my mom's American flag scarf. 

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