Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cheers to You.

I'm thinking this sudden cold snap here in London has come to help me acclimatize for my imminent departure home. Thirty degrees? Definitely reminding me of Alaska's weather.

Which reminds me of looking down at my countdown till my plane leaves, reading a very soon:

I don't think I could've asked for a better send-off. This whole week has been filled with memorable outings, delightful meals, and genuine time spent with the friends I've made here.

And did I mention my outing to Tedquarters?

Persistence and lots of encouragement from my family help paid off because I was finally able to step inside the lobster doors of my beacon of light company: Ted Baker.

Like something out of a movie, I was accidentally mistaken for a model and led down to the studio room for a photoshoot before my contact came to rescue me. Although I wouldn't have needed rescuing! Modeling for Ted? Um, yes please.

Anyhow, it all went well and I left feeling encouraged about my future and in dire need of an eggnog latte to treat myself.

Speaking of treats to oneself, my last day here was spent exploring one of my dearest spots: Hyde Park to Harrods. I know I've mentioned this once or twice before, but you have to know that it truly is one of my favorite places in London, one that will forever make a smile crack from the corners of my mouth.

Bundled up quite tightly against the cold, my roommate Siobhan and I prepared ourselves for the symbolic walk through.

Instead of saying goodbye to you London (sounds so formal and final), I think I'll sign off with see you later. You just never know...

Someone's exciTED!

Hyde Park.. I'll miss you so.

Oh Serpentine, you have been a most excellent host, providing us with the best of coffees and treats.

And our beacon of light at the end of the darkness: Harrods. This time, we were enticed by Ted's windows and spent our end-of-walk monies there instead.

Two happy shoppers right there! I think I successfully converTED Siobhan...

One mustn't forget about the best pub. The Bunch of Grapes was first introduced to me as a meeting place for one of my dates. I guess a good thing came out of this relationship of sorts: I found my new favorite pub!

Mulled wine, anyone?

Cheesin' so hard. I'll miss you, partner in wine.

If you ever do have the chance to go, please try their pork mac 'n cheese! It'll warm you right up.

Cheers London xx

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