Monday, December 5, 2016

A Cold Welcome.

I know I've made it home to Alaska when I go out to run errands and I end up running into someone I know. I also know I've successfully made it home when I park at the local grocery store and see an unfortunate dead caribou (reindeer) on the top of someone's truck. Home for the holidays and I have to see that.

Oh Alaska how I've missed you and your wild ways.

After travelling an exhausting twenty-four hours across oceans and countries, I finally arrived, weary-eyed and with all amounts of bags. I am the bag lady, after all.

It took me a few days to become acclimatized, but it was the most pleasant acclimation I could've asked for. Laying down in my own bed to the complete silence and darkness that I have missed dearly (city traffic doesn't do it for me), waking up to homemade lattes and Dad's famous breakfasts, my much missed wardrobe (now bursting at the seams... pun intended), FUDGE, and the quaintness of my small-town.

One thing I have not missed? The cold.

Arriving home to a bitter -12 was not something I had missed and although I have plenty of coats and accessories to bundle myself up in, it does nothing to stop the crunchy cold snow and the crisp air that attacks any portion of open skin. And if your poor nose isn't covered up tight, say goodbye to all your boogers. They'll freeze.

There's something magical about coming home for the holidays. It never ceases to excite me, and I still get childhood reminiscent when decorating the tree and reading Christmas books aloud, to my cat.

Oh boy, and I can't wait until my brother and sister arrive! That's the greatest gift to me: family. As we're all spread out, it's infinitely more precious come this time of year, as it is a guaranteed time when we can all come together at home.

It may have been a cold welcome on the outside, but on the inside, I'm as warm and glowing as could be.

Home sweet home.

Look, it warmed up to -9...

Just looking at this gives me goose pimples all over...

Outfit pics may be difficult, as the majority of my clothing will consist of coats. Who says you can't accessorize those?

It's good to be back.

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