Monday, November 2, 2015

Be Your Own Kind of Boss.

It got real in class today. 

My teacher for "Promotion in the Merchandise Environment" basically sat us down and gave it to us straight. She said the way we were communicating with each other was that of an associate, and she said we need to be executives- bosses. 

Really struck a chord with me. Sure, I'm an associate as of now, but I most certainly do not want to be an associate or an assistant my whole life. I've got ideas, I've got dreams, and I plan on being my own boss. I encourage you to be as well!

Today's dress was inspired by the iconic British designer: Alexander McQueen. He was all about art, about being different, about seeing the beauty in something other people would perceive as ugly, and he was about empowering women. 

I think boys are already afraid of me (well, more like intimidated), but I am all for female empowerment and confidence and celebrating individual style. 

What I wore: silver hoop earrings (used), long gray SILENCE + NOISE cardigan (used), dark blue ALEXANDER MCQUEEN bug motif tunic (used), black tights, and gray NINE WEST ankle booties (used). 

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