Monday, November 9, 2015

Gap Model Takes on the Rain.

Do you know what I woke up to?

The sound of thunder.

My, it was glourious to hear. After hearing sirens, music, cars honking, people laughing, and all the other street noise that comes with living in the city, I was more than enlivened when I first heard those thunderclaps. 

It was a peaceful reminder that there's something natural out there, something that isn't man made and constantly making noise. I miss nature- weather, the sound of wildlife, the silence of the world, and I really felt at peace when I stepped out there in my full rainy attire.

And you can bet your buns that I was grinning all the way to school, even though I still managed to get soaked. Why wouldn't you smile when heaven showers you with cleansing rain?

Today, I was a living breathing Gap model! (even though I wasn't wearing Gap..)

What I wore: navy and white Merona polka-dotted rain slicker (consignment), navy Burberry cashmere scarf (consignment), navy rhinestone necklace (consignment), cream Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse with silk peter pan collar (consignment), burgundy Escada leather skirt (consignment), and black Hunter rain boots with matching British socks (consignment). 

It was also a guaranteed second coffee kind of day. That wind chill and remaining wet residue were enough to get me out for a toasty gingerbread latte, extra shots, of course. 

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