Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Balance in Life.

We had a fairly interesting conversation in one of our classes today. Since there were only a few of us who showed up, it turned out to be a very deep discussion kind of day.

Those are my favorite kind of days! Ones that make you think a little differently, ones that allow you to speak up and share with your peers, talking about applicable concepts and personal stories.

After a moment of silence to the Paris Attacks, we got to talking.

I began to pay special attention when our teacher said "the yin and yang of life." He talked about how we can only experience the highs when we experience the lows, how we don't appreciate money until we've lived without it. The circle of life is all about balance. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I rather felt inspired by this, for my mantra has always been about establishing balance. It's about living healthy, but treating myself, and watching films that make me cry, and then films that make me laugh. Experiencing opposite ends of the spectrum is a good thing, for it makes you fully appreciate the good.

He also mentioned the balance between work life, and social/family life. Recently, I've been talking a lot about work, and today, I would like to balance that out by talking about friends.

Yes. Elan has friends.

Coincidentally, we were all matching today. #onfleek is what I have to say about that. There's me, Trinity, and Brooks...

On the sad side of this happy spectrum, one of my friends here at FIDM, Jessica, is leaving school. She will be missed very much!

Brooks said I was a mixture of Prada and Christina Aguilera Burlesque...

What I wore: wood circular necklace (consignment), olive green Kelly Burgin silk dress (consignment), polka dotted hand-made vintage tapestry jacket ( garage sale), sparkly white fishnet tights (sale), and brown Earthies ankle boots (consignment). 

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