Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunny With a Chance of Reign.

When you think of London, do you imagine rainy days, Hunter wellies, Burberry trench coats, and a plethora of umbrellas walking down the streets of London?

I know I do!

But ever since being here, we haven't really been exposed to that traditional London weather. I know that as soon as I say this, it'll pour (and when I least expect it, probably when I'm donned in silks and leathers), but the anticipation for a rainy day has really taken over!

It rains, that's for sure, but it just so coincidentally stops the moment we step outside.

However, yesterday also happened to be the first day of October, and on schedule, the air turned chilled, the leaves began to sprinkle the ground, and an autumn blanket settled over us, bringing the faint chance of rainfall.

Anyhow, my roommates and I woke at a truly atrocious late hour (last night was spent at the club Koko's in Camden) and the one cure for the morning after?

Brunch. They were suffering minor hangovers (I was simply suffering exhaustion, as I was the "sober Mom" last night) and it just a weird kind of morning.

But there's this tradition that seems to be blossoming with Siobhan and I. When we find ourselves emotionally confused, perhaps in a strange state, we somehow wind up walking through Hyde Park and going to Harrods. Today was no exception and not only did we treat ourselves to a little somethin' somethin', but it rained.

Man did that reign make us feel like queens.

Daisy Green, you heavenly downstairs breakfast haven.

Laughing because this girl did not have a brewtiful night...

Moooooove over. Oh, and this is Nick, Siobhan's boyfriend.

Table piled high with flat whites, eggs, avocados, and bacon, we were very quickly cured (cured bacon, get it?). 

Truly a splendid afternoon for a walk through Hyde Park. The rain scared most away, but we wasted no time in taking advantage of the autumn beauty.

Look at me all tatTED out! Any occasion to wear Ted..

Someone needs to be put in her place!

What goes best with first of October days? Why coffee, of course!

Look just over yonder!

You know me, a sucker for trees.

Harrods is like our Tiffanys. We always find ourselves wandering there when we're in a down mood and we always end up leaving just a little bit happier.

I even brought out my inner naughty girl and snuck in my latte, for they apparently don't like drinks in there...

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