Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Waterloo Wednesday.

We met under the clock in Waterloo Station.

Whom do we mean?

Technically, I've met people there twice now. Today, it was for my British Cultural Studies class, where my teacher began the lesson by pointing out that meeting in Waterloo Station was one of the most popular places to meet for blind dates.

Ironically, I met someone there for a blind date, just the other week! My teacher was surprised, as no one in his classes had ever said that before, and I assured him that it went well, that the guy was very sweet and nice.

Which could've made for a very bittersweet lesson, as we walked past all the spots me and this guy had gone; however, it proved to be just the opposite. In fact, it proved to be one of the best British Cultural Studies classes I've had thus far.

Perhaps it's the mid-semester buzz, or perhaps it was the magical elevator that sang to us in the Southbank Center, but either way, the class began and ended and left me in a state of euphoria for the remainder of the day.

Whatever the case may be, let me share with you a few treats and sweets that brightened my Wednesday afternoon...

We start with the famous Graffiti Tunnels. Located in a quite hidden location just outside of Waterloo Station, these tunnels once began as an area where aspiring and practicing graffiti artists exercised their work. Apparently, it remains to be a practicing network of graffiti laden tunnels and I hear that every time you visit, the space will look completely different. And so I bring you today's unique and one-of-a-kind collages from the Graffiti Tunnels...

You think you've seen it all, but the second you turn around, something new will catch your eye. Or in this case, eyes.

I found fancy under the Lego man, dancing and allowing myself to really lego.

Stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

And what a complete quote to really fit into my life right now.

Just on the other side of the tunnels, we came out to this rather famous structure, standing proudly and up h(eye) in the sky...

After wandering in and out of the wind into various welcome centers and hidden rest spots, my friends and I boomeranged back to this famous Italian café, known for their coffee, and known more importantly for their excellent cups of hot chocolate.

With a few pounds in our purse, we ordered the cioccolata 1678 con panna, not anticipating the chocolatey explosion that was about to enter our systems.

You know what they say: when fashion students drink hot chocolate, they drink it like Cocoa Chanel...

'Twas the perfect warmup for my cold hands and my hungry tummy.

Have you ever seen something so decadent, so chocolatey, so divine?

Indeed, we ended the afternoon on a very sweet note.

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