Sunday, November 20, 2016

On Top, Never Stop.

It was an emotionally distressing and wild weekend, to say the least. Probably one of my most unexpected weekends.

It all began when I was stood up for a date at Winter Wonderland. Just another disappointing guy, which put me in a rather sour mood. Out came a hefty glass of wine and in the dark I sat, listening to G-Eazy on repeat.

Then reality kicked in, and I realized that this person was taking away my positive energy, that I was being tricked into feeling sorry for myself when in reality, it was he who really missed out. With the help of my friends (and a few lengthy pages in my journal), I put aside any and all thoughts of the situation and instead focused on learning a lesson and moving forward.

Somehow, through this, I was convinced to go out. I don't go out, ever, and so it was a rather stupendous occasion for me.

Well... we didn't get terribly far, because something rather unexpected happened on the bus. Not knowing the circumstances (except that most of the group were obnoxiously loud), one of the fellow bus passengers was walking out and on his way, clocked my roommate in the face, fist connecting hard with eye.

The one time I decide to go out!

Course, it was fine. I wouldn't have let my roommate go home alone and in all honesty, it started to rain and my leather jacket would've been ruined whilst waiting outside in line for a club that I probably would've wanted to ditch anyway.

That being said, there was a highlight of this weekend and it went along rather nicely with Elan's aesthetic and lifestyle: drinks at the top of the illustrious Duck & Waffle. Located at 110 Bishopsgate, it boasts being one of London's tallest buildings, with the dining experience located on the 40th floor.

It's well worth it. While the prices are a little steep (like the height of the building), it's mostly the ambiance and experience you're paying for, and the drinks are delicious as well. You get taken up on a glass elevator, where you slowly leave the streets of London and enter the sky.

It's truly spectacular and with the holidays in full swing, the cosy atmosphere is extra special.

See, you can always find something positive in things that may seem dim. Be patient, keep your thoughts going positive, and good things will come your way.

Just check out this panoramic view!

Thanks to Siobhan and Nick for the recommendation...

For me, a Pine Needle Lemonade.
-Hendrick's gin
- Preserved wild elderflower
-Lightly carbonated

It tasted like the holidays and reminded me of home!


Just check out this décor...

Surreal? I think yes.

Now if you take the #23 bus home from Liverpool Street Station, you get to experience one of the greatest tours through London, passing St. Paul's Cathedral, past Somerset House, and my favorite: through Oxford Street. Now at this time of year, Oxford Street is decked out in the finest glittery garland and lights, making it truly spectacular and festive. In other words, it's lit.

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