Monday, February 3, 2014

Bronco's Loss and Doggie Gain.

Oh it was a sad day for the Broncos yesterday. Very sad, indeed.

I'm not a particular fan of football myself, and in fact, I still don't understand why we call it football and not like.. I don't know "touchball." Football belongs to the sport of what we call "soccer", so why did we take it when it has little to do with.. feet? I mean there's running and kicks, but not like soccer. Sorry, rant. With the football subject, I only watched today because it's my mom's favorite team and I thought I would support her cause. Plus, orange and blue look so grand together, don't you think?

Now instead of your traditional football party with chips, salsa, guacamole, and lots of football watching, I was actually working. Yes, working. But fear not! I had the game playing live on my iPad and I had the most adorable visit today. I honestly didn't expect to see this little tiny dog that took my breath away. It was the cutest! You should've seen this little girl, cuddled in my arms... Gosh.

So you see, although I am sad for the most unfortunate loss on the Broncos part, I was pleased to have my spirits lifted by this adorable little pup. :)

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