Thursday, February 27, 2014

Funny Foamy Faces.

Today, I experimented once more with foamy art.

There is truly so much joy that comes with creating art in coffee. Honest to goodness. 

And I just discovered the true definition of my favorite word "cheeky." You see, I was first introduced to it by the YouTuber, Jack Harries, and have always loved the ring to it. And I may have incorporated it into some usernames also so when the Brits heard about it last week, there was some confusing laughter. Turns out, it means "insolent and rude in a cunning manner." Ahh so embarrassed! I somehow thought it meant smiley and good natured for some odd reason and it was a goofy moment for me. So I'll end this post with a smile, even if it's an embarrassed one!

Check out this guy in my latte! He does have a sort of cheeky grin to him, does he not? 

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