Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fishy Shirts&Open River.

Oh twas like spring today. 

The sun was shining, my spirits were lifted, and my dad and I both, by chance, wore fishy shirts. What a coincidence!

It feels like spring should be here, truly. And besides old-timers, no one has ever seen the Kenai River this free of ice in a long time. We should be out fishing! Who knows.. we may get summer sooner than we expected. 

Coincidence? I think not!

So to get down to the river, we had to trek this treacherous stairway. Twas quite intense. 


The walk down wasn't so bad, it was the hike up that got to me. And in some high heeled boots? Hmm.

There should be an Olympics category for hiking this baby.

My hands were none too pleased at being exposed to twenty degrees though.

What I wore: tan vintage COACH bag (used), blue rockfish ALTERNATIVE sweater (purchased from my yoga studio after an anticipated wait), an orange GAP skirt (used), black NORDSTROM tights, and black high heeled FRYE boots (used).

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