Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So Much Sun, Why So Blah?

Awg, I am in some serious funk here. It's only February and I am cross-eyed and weird.

Don't worry, it's quite normal for us Alaskans. In fact, it shouldn't be anything special, but I can't help but complain! It's most odd, the sun is out and shining, and yet I am down in the dumps, especially with my closet.

We've all done it: staring into our majorly packed closet and going I have NOTHING to wear! I do it way more than necessary, but I am simply not inspired by this weather for some reason and I recluse into yoga pants and hoodies. I think part of the issue is the fact that although the sun may be shining, it is still bloody twenty degrees out. So any promise of spring soon evaporates once I step out the door. GRR. So my shorts.. gotta go back into my summer wardrobe. 

Now that I am fully aware of this most distressing issue, I'm trying various methods to get on out of the funk. First is: it's February, as in Valentine's Day month and so I have decided to wear something pink, orange, red, or purple (any hues of pink) every day of this month. Now whether it's a top or an undergarment (bring out the Victoria's Secret!), I will try my hardest. Hopefully, this will give me incentive when dressing myself every morning and cut it down to a five minute deal instead of a frustrating three hours. 

Secondly, I'm trying to observe more about me and appreciate little things that make me happy. Lunch at little spots, a cute text message, you name it! Gotta keep positive here in the middle of winter.. up secluded in the north.. no one to hear me for miles.. Yep. 

PLUS, I leave for Arizona quite soon and that is for sure something to be excited about!

Any ideas for out-of-funk solutions?

Speaking of lunch spots, my mum and I enjoyed a nice one today at Veronica's, located in Old Town Kenai.

A honey vanilla latte.. May be my new favorite drink.

Rosemary Polenta quiche with creamy tomato basil soup and pasta salad. Mmm.

I love the feel of hot sun on my skin! I just wish the air would warm up now..

What I wore: old sparkly dance headband, white COACH sunnies (Christmas gift), silver vintage cardigan (used), pink and silver PINS&NEEDLES top (used), CAbi capris (used), and light grey NORDSTROM flats (sale).

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  1. Latin dance classes ;) Game nights with friends/ coworkers. Smores! To die for Van Breves with a raw sugar on top. Ice skating. Movies. Lots of things to keep spirits high. And if you ever need someone to get into trouble with just say the word.

    Your loving friend and manager