Friday, February 7, 2014

When the Wind Tumbles Down.

It was the queerest incident yesterday afternoon. First, pure sunshine, then fat flaky snowfall, and to top it off, some raging winds.

I'm talking 30 mph with 45 mph gusts, and right as I was going to sleep. You could say that I didn't sleep a wink! I thought for sure that we were having hurricane winds as the trees blew with such force and such booming sounds that I was a bit frightened.

Waking up and going to work was a bit eerie for me as well. I thought for sure I wouldn't even make it to the front door of the cafe without being pushed over.

And I wasn't even safe inside! For most of the morning, the doors blew open, and there was even one exorcism-like moment when all five doors of the cafe burst open at the same time, releasing a pressure and gust that sent trash cans and bills flying everywhere. It was quite intense! And of course that's the subject of talk for the entire day- stories of power outages, lost garbage cans, slipping on the sidewalk, and the destination of safety in the indoors.

You could say that it was pretty unusual weather here! And although I was most frightened, and most certainly not going to pull out my reading material in the middle of the night to keep occupied (Woman in Black), I found this darling little spirit lifter to keep me calm, as the wind came tumbling down.

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