Thursday, August 27, 2015


It can't already be fall. Nah, I won't believe it! Just two weeks ago, I hopped aboard a plane, leaving the Alaskan summer and when I returned, fall had befallen.

It's been rather moody lately, the weather, as well as me. We've been having some rather intense winds lately, with whizzing noises and resulting whooshing trees. Yellow leaves now cover the green lawn and there is something intangible in the air that signals the end of summer. 

But the end of summer just means the start of fall, and there's lots to look forward to! And I'm not complaining of this change of seasons, for the winds make me feel all cozy, as I sit inside, protected and warm with my candles and journals. And coffee. 

Look on the bright side, or in my case, the windy side of life. 

Mood: moody.

What I wore: vintage flower choker (used), floral DELETTA funky top (used), striped BANANA REPUBLIC skirt (used), and gold J CREW loafers (used). 

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