Friday, August 14, 2015

Vacation Spot- South Dakota, Day 2.

Shopping is my cardio.

It also runs in my veins (alongside champagne) and is registered in my DNA as a Krull woman. Naturally, it didn't take long before us girls had to get a taste of South Dakota shopping, and today was that day.

Rapid City is where we like to go because truly, it has some very nice places, especially downtown.

And although the temperatures were running in the upper eighties, we managed to find shade in and out of various shops. Basically, we were protecting ourselves from the sun, you see?

The most important, and best way to start the day? I can't repeat it enough: coffee. 

The first stop of the day was TJMaxx, mostly to get dorm stuff for Alyeska, seeing how she is off to USD in less than two weeks! You can tell she's thrilled. 

It was the most hilarious thing! We were coming out of Maxx to take a photo of all our finds when the wind decided to blow an unusual gust and Alyeska pulled a massive Marilyn, except she couldn't get her dress to stay down. I was enlisted to help and that is why you see me standing so close behind her. What are sisters for?

Lunch this afternoon was at the very delicious Delmonico Grill in downtown Rapid. 

I sprung for the Ahi tuna salad with spicy thai sauce. 

Anton and I like to save chocolate bits for later. Yes, we did have dessert, but by the time I would've pulled out my camera for a photo, both desserts would have been gone and nobody likes missing out on dessert!

The wind attacking: part 2. Also, does Alyeska not remind you of Lydia from Teen Wolf? You've got the hair, the dress..

Here are some of my favorite spots in Rapid! The first, Elan's Vintage Boutique. I know, I know! But truly, they have an eclectic mix of modern and vintage and I always score big in here. 

Anton just loves finding his way in my pictures, don't he?

Look to your left!

Your quick outfit selfie. 

A couple bags later and we were out!

And if there's any confusion, my name is on the bag!

The next shop we always seem to score in is Karma Boutique. As well as an awesome sale rack (plus 20% off yesterday all sale items), they have a lot of neat knickknacks that just scream your name. 

And for the drive home: coffee. I know I work at a small town coffee shop and all, but Starbs does have nice cold brew and iced coffee. 

Until next time, Rapid! Which I'm sure will not be long..

Back at Grandma's, I looked for some light reading and stumbled across this fine pink book on the bookshelf. Well it seemed criminal not to have an accompanying shot of whiskey and (candy) cigarette..

You've got your ciggys, your whiskey.. what else are we missing here? Ah yes! The wild, wild women!

And later in the evening, after an entertaining meal with the cat, we walked on down to the Purple Pie Place for a slice of something sweet, whether ice cream or pie. 

Now somebody's speaking my language!

It's always best to end on a sweet note, don't you agree?

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