Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Feline Friend.

So my dad came to visit me at work today, and after I showed him these incredibly adorable pictures of Fudge ( I usually take some everyday), he says to me √Član, you need a boyfriend. 

It cracked me up it did, because I do realize that I have a slightly strong love towards cats, especially Fudge. 

I am, in simple words, a cat lady. 

I dote upon my cat, I own cat sweaters and mugs, I pin cat pictures, I emphasize with the cat van that pulls up to Kaladis everyday with four cats in the front window ( me in twenty years), and I always talk about Fudge to my friends, probably when they don't give a fudge. 

But you know, I'm okay with it! Fudge makes me happy and it's not like I'm replacing boys with cats, cause lord knows I love me some guys. I'm just at that phase in my life where I have date nights with Fudge instead of with boys. She's also the only one who gets to sleep with me, so there's that.The right guy just hasn't come along yet! And you know, I'm willing to wait. 

Well, Fudge and I are willing to wait. ;)

I had half an hour before I had to go to work and after seeing this, I decided to lie down for a quick nap. 

Fudge and I are so close.. Literally and figuratively. 

Don't we make a fine pair?

What I wore: black TOM FORD sunnies (used), lavender stone necklace, pink lace HIP peplum top (used), black CAbi capris (used), and light pink CHINESE LAUNDRY sandals ( Tj Maxx). 

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