Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vacation Spot- South Dakota, Day 4.

Today was a hot one, and thank goodness we planned properly to hike early in the morning!

Just by eight o'clock, temps were rising in the eighties and we were pleased as buck to have gotten an early start. 

Plus, there's just something peaceful and neat about an empty trail, with only the birds chirping and the leaves rustling. 

Anyhow, today's hike started out near Sylvan Lake, called the Sunday Gulch Trail. The name actually comes from gold miners' wives, for they often took strolls along the gulch on Sundays. Although today isn't Sunday, we did enjoy the path that these past ladies have trodden on!

Great way to begin the hike, walking under precarious boulders. 

If you look close enough, you may be able to glimpse Manton the Mountain Man..

I also just love how this trail changes vegetation! You go from sunny hills with spruces to wet damp low areas with pines..

Lots of creepy holes there were!

Hand rail or ballet bar?

The stairs at the end are by far the most fun to climb up on. And when you get to the top where the Sylvan Rocks lie and look down on that steep grade hill.. the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled. 

Back where we started!

After that intense 2.8 mile "strenuous" (that's what it was called on the difficulty scale!) hike, we padded into Bitter Esters Brewery and sat down for a beer (or two). I myself enjoyed the best ginger beer around- Cock 'n Bull. 

Alyeska's faces!

At least someone's serious!

This is literally me a couple of lifetimes ago.

We then took a drive over to Crazy Horse Memorial. Have I told you about our new 1954 mint Chevrolet? (just kidding, I wish it were mine). 

I don't often like to take too many photos of Crazy Horse; however, here's one of us all. I truly recommend visiting someday, for it is a very moving place to be. And the story is spectacular and I hope that I'll be alive when the world's largest sculpture finishes!

I was in such a tree hugging mood here, I don't know why. I connect with trees and I just love hugging their massive woody trunks. I seriously take tree hugging to the next level. 

….However, sometimes the bark likes to bite. 

Enjoying my surroundings...

….Until the thunder booms and I decide its time to get on outta there!

But after every storm, there comes a rainbow. Can you spot?

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