Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Merried.

Today officially marks the first of December.

I'm rather excited myself. I finally downloaded all of my Christmas tunes (complete with Glee, Michael Buble, and some of the Biebs), and my holiday wardrobe is now front and center.

It's also incredibly convenient that the unsightly construction zone in front of our school was cleared out and replaced with a rather lovely green carpet of grass. But even more conveniently was the Philz Coffee truck that parks itself right outside the front doors.

I couldn't have asked for anything better for Christmas gift, truly.

Trinity and I found that it was much easier to espresso yourself when there's a coffee truck outside your school. Your overall performance in class is much enhanced, so thank you Philz. 

Getting merried was a tie in to two factors: one, it is the first of December, the merriest time of year and two, my white dress happens to be a vintage 1960's wedding gown, so I'm getting married as well. Get it?

Getting merried to whom, you ask? Why Ghiradelli, of course!

What I wore: big red J Crew flower necklace (consignment), 1960's vintage wedding dress (consignment), and red Salvatore Ferragamo mini pumps (vintage store). 

These two crack me up. And they apparently crack themselves up!

Until tomorrow, Philz.

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