Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm Home for Christmas.

It came. Christmas it came! Through all the finals and working shifts, I have finally returned to the land of my people in the far north.

Feels as if I were here yesterday, which is always so nice. No matter how long I've gone, or what I've done, I can always count on coming home and things staying the same. The family is reunited and I am in absolute heaven being able to sleep in my big bed with Fudge at my feet.

And I apologize for slacking off this holiday season, but I know my time here is short and I want to enjoy every minute I have spending it with family and friends, and not always in front of a screen (unless it's partaking in the Star Wars movie marathon, which I've been participating in).

Let's not waste any time then, shall we?

Coming home never felt so good.. Especially on Christmas Eve! And boy how I have missed the Alaskan atmosphere..

After a long day of cooking, we finally got ready for the festive annual wanton feast at the Krulls..

I found Alyeska by the mixer (before the thing went haywire and spit up flour and sugar everywhere)..

My beautiful brother..

Dad sporting his Christmas best..

Wanton women at the ready!

Drink #1 of the evening was your classic rum and coke made by Bartender Shebs.

Cheers! *chink*


As always, the food never disappoints..

So we might have gotten a new coffee machine, a lever pull. And it might make the most divine creamy coffees ever.

... Which go along very nicely with Shelby's cake pops..

Let's have another toast because.. well, why not?

Taking a normal family photo proved to be very difficult for the Krull family..

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...

Christmas morning!

Below falls the joy of Christmas morning..

Fudge and I make the purrrrfect team.

And let's not forget about work! I was kindly able to work over the holidays at my favorite Kaladi Brothers Coffee, where I've simply fallen back into the routine of making the world's best drinks..

But I want to know how your holidays went? Tell me everything!

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