Monday, December 14, 2015

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti.

I hoped that people would look at me today, as I walked my way through the Financial District and Union Square to get to school.

Not me, per say, but my bag.

You see, I have this really fun bag that I got this past summer. And when I chose to wear it today, it really spoke to me.

There's all this talk about Christmas being the season of giving, but truly, it shouldn't be specified to a certain time of year. It should be everyday. You should be grateful, giving, and kind everyday. And for me, I find that incorporating the concept of giving back through an outlet such as personal style to be effective. Brands like TOMS really started the movement, and I think it should be taken on not just at a business level, but at a personal level.

Every day, I pass dozens of homeless people. It makes me sad. We don't know their circumstances, and it breaks my heart that they don't have a home. So today, when I put on my kindness bag, and when I saw the reflection of the words in the windows at every bank I passed, I was moved to do something kind. 

When getting my gingerbread latte at Starbucks, I also bought a coffee for someone who needed it. It was an especially chilly morning, and so I went over to a man holding a sign saying "please help me get home for Christmas" and I gave him the cup of joe. I wished him luck in getting home to his family and he opened up about wanting to see his son and his gratitude over something as simple as a cup of coffee really moved me. 

You see, I take these things for granted every day, and I figured that it's about time that I start giving back. And it's not even about purchasing something and giving it to someone- it's about the concept of kindness. Living in the big city, I find that people are more likely to ignore you and be unkind, especially if you are of status and others are not. There's a lot of ignorance towards homeless people and those who maybe don't have the best kept appearance of most, but who are we to judge anyway?

It's a simple act of kindness. It not only makes the recipient feel good, but it makes you feel good, and it hopefully inspires others to pass it along. It's an impact that has the potential to change someone's life. Holding open the door, saying thank you, complimenting someone.. it all has the potential to turn someone's day around. 

No act of kindness is ever wasted, and I encourage you to be kind, especially this holiday season. But don't let it disappear once the holidays are over. I know for me, every time I wear my kindness bag, I will go out of my way and do something kind for someone (not that I don't do that anyway, this is just an extra incentive and an inspiration for others as well). 

I hope you do the same. 

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