Monday, January 25, 2016

Heel High.

It's about high time that I pulled out my pumps.

High time, get it? Considering they're about six inches, it puts me at roughly six feet eight inches!

For some reason, since coming to the city, my poor heels have been sitting lonesome in my wardrobe, collecting dust and longing for the day in which they are once more reunited with my feet and strutting down the streets that are my runway.

Part of it may be the impracticality (I walk everywhere), but in all honesty, I've been getting a real feel for the vibe of San Francisco and that aesthetic doesn't really include heels. I feel that as a whole, San Fran is fairly casual in dress (unless working in the Fi Di District) and with lots of dark colors. Not a lot of pizazz, if you will.

Now that's just my simple observation!

But as I was picking out an outfit this morning, and whilst looking through all of my various style books, I stumbled across a line in a Kate Spade book that struck home with me and reminded me of style's true identity and reason. For me, it was a reminder that life is too short to wear boring clothes, no matter where you go or where you live.

"... She was an elegant adventurer equally inclined to wear diamonds for breakfast and to show up at her own wedding in a helicopter..."

While I may not have worn diamonds for breakfast, or showed up to school in a helicopter (not today, at least), I did don my pumps and my accessories, dying for a chance to be worn and loved.

I hope you're not deterred in what makes you feel beautiful. For me, dressing up is natural, it makes me feel confident and beautiful, and it is an extension of myself, of who I am.

And if I'm the girl who wears pearls to the gym, or a ball gown to the grocery store... then so be it! Also, never let a man tell you that you should not wear heels. If he feels less like a man for his woman being taller than himself, then show him the door and find a man who will appreciate you, no matter what size you may be.

So my new friend Angelina works at Kate Spade and was thus dressed to the nines in Kate Spade attire... Coincidence?

Rule of thumb: a lady should never look down when walking, except when she's wearing extremely high heels and does not want to fall on her face by the cracks in the road..

So cute how alike and similar we are. She's short, I'm tall. She works at Kate, I work at Ted...

Both of us were experiencing a heel high today!

What I wore: vintage jacquard dress (thanks textile science class for that lesson), Ted Baker floria necklace (I love my job!), nude Kate Spade bow belt (consignment), and nude patent leather Steve Madden pumps (consignment).

What she wore: Kate Spade, all the way!

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