Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Away.

It was an intense first week back at school, as you can only imagine.

Projects were doled out, work was evermore intense, and I was overwhelmed on first sight.

I needed a distraction.

Well, it came to be that I had made a reservation to LA to visit some long lost FIDM friends- Jordan and Whitney!

It had been a tough couple of months in SF being away from the besties, and to be reunited with my clique was the absolute best. Not only a distraction, but a much needed therapy, for us all!

You ever have those friends that you don't see in awhile, maybe occasionally talk to? And then the second you're reunited, it's like no time had passed at all and friendship resumes its place as naturally as it should.

These girls are those girls, and I have missed them dearly. It's definitely been different this year in SF without them, but the fact that they're only a short flight away is a blessing in disguise.

*speaking of flight away- when I flew here the other day, I just so happened to board a plane alongside an entire college basketball team, and I was brave and sat in the midst of all these tall beautiful athletic men and it was heaven*

Anyhow, we've had the greatest weekend shopping, hiking, jamming in the car, and just enjoying the company of each other...

As always, the day began with a strong cup of coffee; specifically, a honey vanilla latte from Urth Café.

Outfit of the day pics, starting with Whitney!

I proudly held my new Ted Baker shopping bag, as I may have made a purchase at the one on Robertson. As always, I tell myself that it's "for work"...

Giggling all the while because we all know that I am infatuaTED with Ted Baker..

Jordan looking fresh!

Later in the evening, we drove on up to the trailhead to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills. What an evening stroll that was!

And just like that, the sun was down and the city lit before us.

Truly, it's rather easy to get lost in la la land..

West side representin'!

I've got the world on a string..

The next morning began with another cup of coffee- a toasted lavender latte in Santa Monica.

Whitney has some seriously wicked eye color!

Cheers to that!

Lunch was at a wine bar in the third street promenade. We prolly could've sprung for glasses of the bubbly, but instead went for shirleys all around. We sat outside, danced to the music, were heated by the lanterns, and laughed all the while..

I need this in my life.

I also require all of these.

Here, we take a quick pic in the dressing room of the Ted Baker in Santa Monica, where I had the most delightful experience with the sales associate. He was cute, kind, helpful, and full of humour (not to mention British). He reasserted my love for the company and I was so enamored with him that I ended up purchasing just a couple more goodies...

He also gave me the low-lit moody room; you know, to set the mood..

I also popped over to Kate Spade where I again fell victim to the cuteness of Kate. That shirt there on the wall ended up in my wardrobe, alongside another journal..

And just like the first time, Jordan, Whitney, and I walked down to the Santa Monica Pier, where we first got to know each other a year and a half ago. Just like the old times..

The reactions when a guy called out to me: "You pretty for a white girl!"

And the faces when the bae walks by..

I was only there two days, but it was the best two days.

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