Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spike the Punch.

If you were a punchbowl, I'd spike you.

What can I say? I'm whiskey in a teacup! Not all is as it seems...

I finally returned to school this week and let me tell you: I am once more impressed and ready to rumble as I near down on the quarters until graduation.

The classes I am currently taking this quarter are as follows: Brand Management Strategies, Textile Science, Merchandise Presentation, and Contemporary Business Strategies.

They're all rather grand; however, what I'm learning most in this first week is what I'm made of.

I generally work thirty-two hours a week and I am a full-time student. Granted, I only go to school twice a week, but the workload is quite extensive, and the group projects are hefty. In this week alone, I have been tried and tested as to how I work as a human being and how much I can take on. I'm learning that I'm a hard worker, but I'm also learning the act of saying no.

I have this tendency in which I try and appease everyone. I often stretch myself too much and the result is a stressful girl who calls her mom more than usual and one who neglects taking care of herself. That being said, I'm sharing the simple concept of saying no and taking time for yourself. On top of that, it's best to look on the bright side, and instead of seeing a mountain of homework that needs to be done (and therefore an uneventful and stressful attempt at sleeping), I'm looking at what all this is preparing me for, what I'm learning, and the other beautiful things going on in my life.

Homework is temporary! And the stress you go over something that gets graded once in a weeks time is not worth it. Life is too short to worry over those types of things and the best mindset is one of positivity, and the takeaway of what did I learn?

That being said, I'm going into this new school year with an attitude. I'm attacking this whole college mindset punchbowl with a spicy spike of Elan...

What I wore: Tom Ford black sunnies (consignment), red vintage rhinestone earrings (vintage store), pink Kate Spade "spike the punch" tee (consignment), red leather Escada skirt (Mom's), and black Dolce Vita black shoes (vintage store).

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