Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In a Mood.

It's been awhile and I miss you.

There's something comforting about writing, about the words flowing from the inside. And the sound of a keyboard is music to my ears (especially since I'm a fast typer- thank you to Type to Learn in the fourth grade!).

How do you do?

To catch you up to speed on all my doings, I've been living in a rather blissful and exciting February. The weather has been exceptionally warm (I'm talking seventy degrees plus), and there have been a lot of new things on my plate. Of course though, today's weather turned foul, and my mood swiftly followed suit. The wind picked up, the thunderclouds rolled in, and I was forced to take my accompanying (school, work, life) stress and face it head on.

I think the main perpetrator of my unwelcome unhappiness is my head.

I'm an over thinker. I'm sometimes so consumed in my thoughts, so lost in my head, so nit-picky on every little aspect of my life, that I turn myself into this stressful machine that can't find peace and happiness. I see things that aren't there, imagine things that aren't real, and I bind myself into this rather unfortunate mind maze that does nothing to improve the situation. Over thinking corrupts the mind, destroys happiness, and most importantly, it creates negative problems that never even existed in the first place

Thoughts can be fantastic, don't get me wrong. But when it turns to the point of making you unhappy and even more confused, it's time to say no. So today, I settled into my room with a cup of joe and the pounding rain outside, and I was finally able to sort out my thoughts, acknowledge them as they floated by, and move on.

Don't be this guy:

Instead, be happy.

Actually can't see very well because of the winds and all the accompanying dust particles from below construction..

And if this height difference doesn't make you laugh..

What I wore: vintage gold bauble earrings, vintage navy dress with gold buttons (antique store), tan Ted Baker belt (I love Ted!), nude Steve Madden pumps (consignment), and khaki Burberry coat (consignment).

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