Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time to CeleBRIT.

I woke up after a rough night of (attempted) sleep and just knew that it was going to be a good day.

Sure enough, when I checked my email this morning, I got the surprise of a lifetime.

Some weeks ago, my friend Whitney and I applied to the study abroad program at University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion. We had been looking to apply for some time now because we have this insatiable craving to spend time outside of the United States, especially in a city as bustling and fashion forward as London.

Well. This morning, I got my letter of acceptance.

I was a little excited, to say the least. I may have danced a jig (or two, or three) in my room in celebration and my heart was beating proudly.

I guess there was never really a doubt that I wouldn't get in. As you may have remembered, I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and I just wouldn't let my mind wander to what if. Negative thoughts were not welcome and I've been reinstating this phrase of "I am going to London" instead of "If I go to London."

It's pretty big news, and it's rather adventurous of me. Small town girl attending school in San Francisco now making plans to jet off to another country. Who knew?

As my mom so wisely told me: You rarely regret the things you do, but you often regret the things you don't do.

In this case, I'm a doer.

What I wore: black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), white earrings, blue Joie "je suis cheeky" sweater (Nordstrom Rack), floral/leaf Ted Baker skirt (I love my job!), and black Tory Burch pumps (Nordstrom Rack).

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