Monday, February 1, 2016

She Leaves a Little Sparkle..

It's hard not to get inspired when you wake up in a good mood.

In the same breath, it's even harder not to get inspired when your walk consists of walking past window displays such as these...

And then walking into this building for school..

Although it's only February (wait. already?!), I'm already feeling excited for spring/summer. Thanks, retail, for that one! But I also know that I need to enjoy each day as it comes, and so with that in mind, I brought my own wintry version of my summer feels out today.

And my friend Angelina, unbeknownst to me, was feeling the same way, for we both matched in pink and green hues. I guess the thing to look forward to this month is Valentines day and all the pink femininity and love surrounding...

Sounds like a plan to me!

Kate Spade everything for Angelina!

For me: it's all about the details..

And she leaves a little sparkle, wherever she goes..

How darling?

What I wore: black suede Tory Burch low pumps (Nordstrom Rack), black Kate Spade tights with colorful rhinestones (Christmas gift), green Halogen skirt, pink Gap sweater (consignment), black Banana Republic bobble necklace (sale), and black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment).

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