Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Power to the She.

In lieu of one of my recent favorite tunes You Don't Own Me by Grace (which also served as a throwback to when I sang it onstage during the performances of the 1960's musical soap opera "SUDS"), as well as my recent discovery of my entrepreneurial passion, today's post is for all those women out there.

There are a couple classes in which I've started to see a pattern. In my Marketing Communications class, our "product" we are to promote all quarter is in fact, a presidential candidate. And I'm learning about what each candidate stands for and so on, and through that, I'm learning things about women. Specifically, the fact that we get paid 79% on the dollar of what men get paid, and for doing the same job. Talk about inequality there.

Then there's my history class. We're in the midst of WWII and how women stood up to take on the man's world while they were off to war. And I'm thinking, man what bosses we were! and then just as suddenly, when the 1950's comes around, we're back to being housewives while the men go off and work.

Finally, my entrepreneurship class. Here, I get to tie in all of my passions and what gets me fired up (like the inequality pay between men and women) and actually put it to use.

It's unbelievable that we are in the 21st century and there are still gobs of problems that we thought we "fixed." How there is still this stereotype of a woman being the obedient housewife while the man goes off and makes the dough. Granted, I find nothing wrong with it if that is what a woman choses but we are not all the same out there, and what gets me is that we still don't have our ultimate freedom of choice. We are living in country founded on freedom and equality, and yet women are still being treated as inferior.

I don't exactly have the power to go to the Senate and enact laws, but I can promote awareness and I can take what I'm passionate about and use it for my magazine.

Ladies, stand up and be aware. It may be a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.

What I wore: vintage blue earrings (antique store), black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), baby blue Maggy London sheer topped dress (Neiman Marcus Last Call), nude Kate Spade bow belt (consignment), and nude t-strap Miz Mooz pumps (consignment).

Girl power, all day e'ry day.

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