Thursday, April 14, 2016

Twenties ----> Today.

I have been blessed my last quarter with a history class. I didn't actually realize how much I missed taking history until facts of the past rolled around the room and I found myself perked up and sitting at the edge of my seat, intent, engaged, and contributive.

Find a class that does that to you and enjoy every minute of it!

To start off our quarter of Political and Economic History, we began with the Roaring Twenties, a favorite decade of mine. Parties, , jazz, flappers, booze (illegal, but not really), spending, stock market engagement, art, you name it.

Course then it all came crashing into the Great Depression, a time in history when things went downhill, and fast. Unemployment, lack of consumer spending, banks closing, distrust with the government, and the introduction of one of our greatest presidents: FDR.

This is all interesting and engaging to me, but what really got me hooked in this class was an assignment in which involved creating or writing about an individual's life before and after the stock market crash of '29.

I chose to examine a real person, a relative, in fact. I never had the pleasure of meeting my great grandmother Elsie Serino and great grandfather Jerry Serino.

Not only was it incredibly interesting to learn about my family interest, but I found that my grandpa and grandma were thrilled that I was interested in something like family history. It's thrilling!

It's important to learn about history, but it's especially important to learn about family history, because without history to pass down, it becomes lost.

This particular class has also sparked back my love of fashion as it relates to fashion history. Today's look was inspired by a certain 1920's look...

Can't wait to have an occasion to dress up in vintage! Not that you need an occasion...

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