Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day.

It's wonderful to believe that things can go from bottom to top.

Just last night, I was lying in bed until two in the morning crying myself to sleep for a hefty hour or so. The bar next door was playing an atrocious amount of top 40 and I was not only frusterated that I could not enjoy a good night's sleep, but I was also incredibly lonely and rethinking about all my past "relationships."

Then this morning- cancellation. Twice I had made plans to spend this lovely Sunday off with two different people, and twice I was cancelled upon. I thought my day was done.

But good things happen to those who are down in the dumps. I was letting my good friend Jackie borrow my steamer and after hearing about my lack of plans for the day (and my resulting loneliness), she invited me to join her and some girlfriends for brunch.

Well I simply could not say no! Besides being a particular fan of the brunch idea, I was eager to spend some time outside of my room and with people. Twenty minutes later, I was dressed and we were on our way to the Cliff House over in Sutro Heights.

Boy oh boy. To replace tears and depressing memories with multiple cups of coffee, champagne, food, and laugher is a marvelous thing. And to be situated by the window overlooking the ocean in an establishment rich with history was simply the cherry on top!

Plate number one, accompanied by my first (but not last) cups of champagne and coffee..

Cheers to Jackie for inviting me along!

Notice how I position myself at the dessert end of the table..

Did I mention the live harp? 

What a view of the Pacific!

See the ruins below? It used to be a bathhouse that was renovated multiple times due to fires, shipwrecks, and the like. The Cliff House was just next door and boasted fine dining and entertainment for the likes of presidents and famous individuals, as well as lots of San Franciscans.

They are too cute!

May the 1st be with you...

Since the day was still young, we decided to hop the trail on the Golden Gate National Recreational Area's Sutro Baths Upper Trail that winds along the coast towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

The trail actually used to be a railroad line that wound from attraction to attraction back in the 1920's. Boy, I wish it were still there!

Finally, some miles later, we arrived at Baker Beach, most content to have been able to work off some of that brunch. I daresay it was the most perfect day.

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