Friday, May 27, 2016

Oh What a Night.

I swear, it's the unplanned spontaneous adventures that mean the most in my heart. It is the things that are unprepared, that are sprung upon me in the last minute that end up making a difference.

Or so the pattern seems!

I was taking a nap yesterday evening (when am I not taking naps), and I got a text from one of my coworkers asking if I would like to attend dinner with her and a few other workmates. Jumping (quite literally) at the opportunity to be spending an evening outside of my hovel, I readily agreed.

At about eight, I went on my way, walking about a mile over to the restaurant Zarzuela in Russian Hill. Greeted by my good friends Jay, Justin, and Melissa, we proceeded to celebrate dinner in lieu of Melissa's birthday. There was good talk, many a laughs, lots of red wine (and a misting of wine exiting Jay's mouth on our first cheers), and amazing Spanish food. The waiter sang beautifully to Melissa as we all gobbled down this rich chocolate number and we had quite the dinner.

Most content, and happily satisfied in my tummy, I was all set to go on home until the group invited me out to drinks. Spur of the moment and not looking forward to a lonely night in, I agreed once again.

We danced our way up to Russian Hill, where we proceeded to dance on the grass overlooking the city below and the Bay Bridge in the distance. We popped in and out of bars until we settled upon this restaurant, where we went through two bottles of the pink bubbly and more cake. We giggled our way to Bob's Donuts for their signature massive donut in which we all devoured like little kids. And we ended the night having a sleepover at Melissa's, all of us crammed into this tiny bed, snuggled together like kids (except for the snoring).

There was something magical about all of last night, and in the wee hours of the morning. A haze of happiness and contentment, of blissful youth and extreme gratitude at my amazing friendship with these people I have become so close with. I woke this morning to the sun pouring in, four hours of sleep in my system and just smiled. Who knew my night would end up like this? See, you just never know.

And my morning was even treated right. Melissa, Jay, and I walked down and had these epic scones at an Irish bakery (where I proceeded to sneeze powdered sugar all over that 38 Geary Bus Stop from contagious laughter) and I left feeling incredibly tired, but incredibly satisfied.

It's these little things that mean the most to me. And these friends of mine have no idea how they've touched me, my life, and my experience here in San Francisco. These are the times I'll remember the most.

While I don't have many pictures from last night (I was much too occupied in the present), I did manage to snap one of our view at Russian Hill. Sums up my night pretty darn well...

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