Saturday, June 4, 2016

On the Bay with the Baes.

FIDM came up with quite the graduation event. Since it's only a few weeks due north, the student activities group came up with a boating event in which graduates could celebrate at sea.

An avid ocean woman myself, I was very giddy with the thought of dinner and a cruise around the bay, especially seeing as how I haven't yet been out on the water! Planning went underway and last night, we were able to enjoy ourselves away from the homework and as 2016 college grads.

Obviously, there was pre-gaming to be done. Not necessarily drinking (although there were a few glasses of the rose), but definitely some girl preparation. Angelina, Maria, and I spent the majority of the afternoon pampering ourselves and finally, we were whisked away in an Uber.

After a most hilarious ride in which Angelina was talking to our driver in a most bubbly way about the music, we were dropped off at Fisherman's Wharf on Pier 39 1/2. The day still held remnants of the warmth, and the sun shone brilliantly across the clear blue sky as dolled up FIDM students were waiting to board. At last, we were off and away.

The evening was filled with many adventures and way too many laughs. It was a dry event (meaning no alcohol), and while some people were upset over this, I enjoyed myself nonetheless, happy to be at sea and with some of my best friends. We had dinner, I had coffee, and then we took multiple trips up the stairs to the brilliant deck at the top.

We passed by the brilliant San Francisco skyline, waved at AT&T Park, ducked under the Bay Bridge, and then disappeared in a blanket of fog.

At this point, the wind picked up and we were in for some naughty weather. The attempts I made to take some pics outside turned into an earnest attempt at keeping my curls out of my face and my dress from doing a Marilyn fly. Laughing and cold, there was something super special about those foggy windy pictures.

Unfortunately, we couldn't pass under the Golden Gate as the fog was too thick (classic San Francisco), but we were able to see it's epic tops peeking just above the fog as we circled round Angel Island.

The remainder of the evening was spent taking pictures in the photo booth, dancing to the beat, winning some goodies at the raffle, and enjoying our time at sea.

Once docked, our night kept on going, and we ended up going out for cocktails until the wee hours of the morning.

Last night was just lovely. We took a boat trip on the bay, and needless to say, we were all blown away...

See that pointy building? I live just there.

Bay Bridge Photoshoot..

See that fog cloud? Should've known..

Marilyn: "I'm getting goosepimply all over!"

Into the fog we go...

Jackie and I joined the birds on the stern of the boat, where we were bombarded with a wind so intense, it nearly blew us away..

Finally, we made it through and were met with a beautiful sunset.

Ghost ship?

The one glimpse of the Golden Gate!

Photobooth time!

Someone's ready to graduate!

What a bunch of rad grads..

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