Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SpotTED: Imminent Graduation.

Holy smokes, time is flying by.

I knew this would happen, I knew this would happen, and yet here I am, surprised that it is happening.

What can you expect? I'm a twenty year old about to graduate college!

It's strange, I was talking to one of my friends and they told me ever so lightly: "Enjoy your last few weeks in San Francisco. Soon, it will be just a memory." And it all came crashing to me at once that my time here is near done. And yes, I can't wait to escape the pitiful smells of the city and the sad faces of the homeless I pass everyday (not to mention the noise), but I'll miss the familiarity and the comfort I have made for myself in the San Francisco city.

I had to put in my two weeks the other day at Ted Baker and let me tell you, that was tough! Work was my social time and I really connecTED with my Ted Team. I mean, it's not my final exit from Ted Baker for I still have plans to try my hand at Tedquarters, but it's nonetheless sad to leave this team that I have grown to know and love. Plus, the clothes! How will I ever survive without my daily dose of Baker?

Anyhow, I sit here on a Thursday night in my room enjoying my last bottle of Baileys, reminiscing of the good times I've had here as I begin to sort my monstrous amount of clothes in preparation for my leave in a few weeks.

It's easy to admit that I have spotTED the finish line of graduation and I'm showing no signs of stopping..

The Ted quotes are all in lieu of my (nearly) Ted to Toe ensemble. Now if only they made women's shoes in my size..

So you see I've spotTED my college career come to an end.

What I wore: black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), miscellaneous rhinestone necklaces (consignment), hot coral findersKEEPERS top (vintage), floral Ted Baker skirt (gift), Oscar de la Renta journal (courtesy of the De Young Museum Retrospective), hot coral Ted Baker purse (I love my job!), and black Miss Bisou pumps (consignment).

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