Tuesday, September 6, 2016

From Bad to Good.

A positive mindset is the perfect way to start any day. It is imperative to set the mood right. Unfortunately, some mornings just don't go your way.

Today was one of those starts. Waking up from a very little night's sleep (we spent way too much time last night jamming to It's Been Awhile and laughing our faces off), I headed off to my morning class, which was to meet in Camden Town. Normally, I would be thrilled at the prospect of wandering around the streets of London for a lecture, but today wasn't one of those days. Upon getting off the bus, I was hit with the smell of weed, garbage, and mixed foods, and the streets were littered with just those things. Trying to keep a positive attitude, I turned my thoughts around and kept myself occupied by looking out for things that caught my eye. In Camden, there was no lack of that!

Although Camden is not exactly my vibe (more urban and hipster), I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the streets and I know I'll be back to explore more, particularly the food markets and vintage stores. With that, my roommate Cassio and I ran to catch the bus (literally, we ran) and returned home.

Just to catch you up, my roommate and I (her name is Kat, by the way) happened to meet two of the most charming gentlemen a few nights back. Naturally, both of us are enamored and have been in the throes of crushing for the past couple of days. Today was one of those emotional days in which we went from 0-100 real quick, imagining and over-thinking every possible outcome and scenario. We're girls, what can we say? Anyhow, because we were in such moods, retail therapy and chocolate were much needed and so that's precisely what we did...

At Harrods!!

Kat happens to be a bona fide bra fitter and so we spent our shopping time in the lingerie department. Of course, we both found matching sets, which made us most pleased indeed.

To accompany this purchase, champagne truffles in Hyde Park!

We had the whole place to ourselves!

How fortunate for our lingerie to match...

From bad to good, from sour to sweet, Kat and I had the nicest day indeed.

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