Friday, September 16, 2016

Heat Wave.

It's mid-September in London, which technically implies that temps should be cooling down and rain should be falling. Instead, we've been boiled with an intense heat waves with temperatures bubbling into the eighties.

It's unbearable. While I should be pleased that the hot weather was luckily placed upon us, I have instead been sweating profusely and dying in the 50% humid city heat. What's worse is that I didn't bring any of my summer clothes and air conditioning doesn't seem to exist here.

You can imagine my pain. On the (literal) bright side, my roommate Siobhan and I have chosen to brave these hot days and continue to explore, as we know cold weather is just around the corner.

So the other day, we tubed on down to South Kensington. Both of us have a fancy for used clothing shopping and so we did some research and discovered that South Kensington, although very fancy and upper class, has quite a few red cross and donation centers, like US Salvation Army's.

And we scored. Both of us walked away with quite a few treasures and were feeling awfully stylish and proud, considering our finds were used. And Fashion Week has just arrived in London...

Siobhan's new Pinko skirt, looking fabulous...

And my new Ted Baker romper!

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