Sunday, September 18, 2016

What a Weekend.

I had the most intriguing of weekends. Participating in some new adventures, meeting some unexpected Londoners, and overall having an eventful and entertaining weekend.

It started on Friday evening. London Fashion Week was this weekend and one of my tutors, who happens to be a fashion journalist, kindly gave out some extra tickets to some of the underground shows for new artists, none of that popular stuff, like H&M and Topshop. Thrilled at the prospect of attending my very first fashion show, I received a ticket for the "Ones to Watch" show taking place at the lovely Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden.

That was an experience in itself, one which I'll definitely be delving into at a later time, and one that I'll look back on. Let's just say... it got me to thinking a little deeper about my thoughts on the fashion industry. Plus, I got my very own look at some bona fide street style and that was pretty amazing!

Then came last night. I had been alone for most of the day, as the night before was spent with my ill roommate, and I wasn't really in the mood for going out. So there I was, sitting in my bed with my dear journal, casual clothes cozily wrapped around me watching The Vikings and one of the girls from upstairs comes down, all dressed to the nines. We get to chatting and before I know what's happening, this girl had somehow peer pressured me into going out and two minutes later, I'm dressed and in the cab headed to the club.

The club, some place called "Drama" was quite the hopping location for a Saturday night. Filled mostly with girls, it was very colorful and eclectic, with a generous free tableside drink service (thanks to my friend who modeled in one of the LFW shows).

As the night wore on, the place became more crowded and at some point, I thought I caught a glimpse of one of the YouTubers I used to watch, Ollie White. He was in the company of some other guys and when they ended up near our section of the room, we got to talking and I soon recognized the others: Joshua Pieters, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, and one other fellow with pink hair. Casual, super casual. They were all so friendly and I just couldn't believe that the one night I got dragged to go out, that happened! See, you just never know.

And then there was this morning: Tower Bridge. I saw that their new exhibition just opened up which included a glass floor to walk over the Thames with and knew we just had to go and experience it. After seeing the 1D boys up there in their Midnight Memories video, it was too good to pass up!

So we ventured over there and had ourselves a towering walk over the Thames.

Interesting weekend? I daresay it was.

London Fashion Week coincidentally matched my ensemble...

What a towering bridge there!

And as always, I can't get over the neatness of London's mixture of the old and the new!

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